Feb 17, 2012

Spring Time

Time flies! Its been long since I have wanted to blog. Lots of things came in the way.. One child…a baby demands your attention 24×7. A year later, I thought, maybe now is a good time to pick up a few things…But again life tells you that you are not in control. I was expecting my second bundle of joy.Since he has arrived it has been a whirlpool of activities, when the sun rises and when it sets I do not get to see. Now he is 7 months old. Again I am hoping to pick things up :) This blog is a start. Hope time becomes my friend again.

Made a cute dress for an otherwise boring wall clock. The winter months are grey and cold here in Hong Kong. Needed some color in the living room. Came upon this lovely wreath pattern from dear Lucy at Attic24. Decided to bribe TIME with a new sweater, as my girl says, “Mummy ne gadi ko sweater pehnadiya”. Crocheted a circular base with green and brown threads and made japanese flowers (pdf link) with all the possible color combinations. Stitched the flowers on to the base,fixed the base to the clock with the help of a few elastic bands. Now that is something which we will not see here :) Voila a lovely flowery clock in the living room. Cannot help but smile whenever I look at the time now.


  1. What a nice idea, nice clock!

  2. I love it ♥

  3. Great Idea to pretty up a clock, I just bought one of those plain plastic wall clocks for my sewing room, it would look so cute with crochet flowers around it, I am starting on the flowers NOW!

  4. Hi dear friend, I found your very nice blog from dear my friend Debi's blog 'Did you make that' You are very talent and very creative. I like your clock so so much. I want to follow your blog much more closer..:))
    I am your newest member of your blog just now..:)) And I will add your blog name on my first blog page..:))
    I am very happy to meet you..
    All best wishess and happy happy days..:))

  5. Very cute!

    I have a link party too in my blog, so if you want to participate you will be welcome :)
    Nice blog ;)

  6. Oh wow - just spotted your cute flowery clock on iCrochet and had to come visit and say how lovely it is!

  7. Amazing work,

    Amazing blog
    Landed here from Dipti's blog. Read your interview. Each and every post is the RESULT of your creativity and hardwork. Keep on shining and posting your amazing pictures.


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