Jan 11, 2013

Events, Awards and some Fun

Hello my dear friends..

Yes, i am popping in again today! What a great day right?

This post is a personal one, i wanted to NOT be lazy and also spread some blogger love. Awards are a special way of telling bloggers that they are read about, waited for and inspired from. Sometimes money and gifts cannot buy life's little treasures like making someone happy with a kind word, a sweet gesture or a pat on the back..

So without much ado i am going to carry on the rules of the Liebster Blog Award i had received from the lovely Anna of Hindustanka's Sunny Days and also from dear Garden Chef.

 Well, the Liebster Blog Award is not without its own rules. Here they are:

    1.Answer the 11 questions posed by the person who nominated you
    2.Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award
    3.Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
    4.Tell them you have tagged them and pay it forward

Anna's questions for me were:

1. If you were offered unexpectedly to go somewhere for a trip, which destination would it be? Definitely Swizterland - the Alps and the land of Love.
2. What is your favorite book? - Been a while since i read one, but in the past it was the Harry Potter Series..yes i am not your serious reader!
3. Are you a dreamer? - Not much, more of a Doer
4. What was the best food you ever tried? - Thai food @ Magnolia in Bangalore
5. Do you have many friends (in real)? Few close friends
6. Would you like to go to the Moon (and back)? - Naah...love my mother Earth!
7. How does your ideal day look like? - Hooking, coffee, no kids, no house work and lotsa good site-coms to watch while i hook n drink coffee...hhe he he
8. Would you like to learn any new language? - Would like to learn German
9. Are you (and your house) ready for Christmas/New year celebrations yet? - No
10. What is your best memory so far? - Best and worst - Birth of my children + Labor Pain before that!
11. Any new skill/craft you would to learn? Want to do more paper crafting.

Garden Chef's questions for me were:

1.If you were a Miss Universe finalist and one of the judges asks the question, "What is the greatest challenge in your life?" what will be your answer? - Living upto the expectations of people i love
2.    What was your favorite subject in grade school? - Economics
3.    Favorite quotation? - As you sow, so you reap!
4.    If you have a husband or boyfriend, your theme song? Otherwise, your favorite song. - My Fav song (one of them) Billy Joel's Just the way you are// 
5.  How did you become a blogger? To find a creative outlet for my time, i took up blogging.
6.    Have you ever written a poem or lyrics of a song? Could you write a stanza or two? - Not my cup of T
7.Your favorite craft website and why? - Ravelry for the never ending resources on yarn projects!
8.Your fairy godmother gave you a crown that you should pass on to a person you admire most. Who would that person be? My mother.
9.Given funds for a new wardrobe, what design or style would you collect? (e.g., executive, casual, sporty, formal, etc.) - Casual
10.Name an award you received in high school - Proficiency Prize.
11.If you have enough savings to build a house, where would you prefer to build it --- in the city, along the beach, in the valley, top of the hill, mountain top, lake shore, etc.? - Can i build on a lake shore and mountain top also? :)
My 11 nominations for the award are.....Drum Rolls please..........!!

1. Boocoos @ Boocoos Blogthing - From Fort Worth, TX, an amazingly talented lady.
2.I love Handmade by WeaverBirdie  - Her dolls are so cute and i want to learn one soon!
3.Maree from MareeLovesColor - Her eye for color and crochet patience for blankets are inspiring.
4.Heather from my little red suitcase - A very special blog from a very gifted and creative Heather.
5.Lisa from My World of Colors - Cannot believe how much of energy she has for giving us so many new crochet projects! Love her works.
6.LizzieBee from One Square at a Time - Avid crocheter and talent in abundance!
7.A global nomad @ Pigtails - A quirky and unique crochet blog!
8.Deepti @ MY ART - A must visit site for all paper crafters.
9.Sangeetha @ Crochetkari - Love her humorous way of writing and of couse all her lovely crochet works too!
10.Tammy @ Life's Simple Pleasures - Blogs about true joys in this world!
11.Chinmaye @ Love Food Eat - if you are a vegan, calorie conscious person - PLEASE check out this blog. Total food love!

There are so many lovely blogs around that it was really difficult choosing only 11. But i had a great time selecting some beautiful blogs..

Now for my 11 questions my dear friends...Here they are..

1.What is the best part about blogging?
2.Which is your all-time favourite movie?
3.One quote you believe in?
4.If you had a credit card for which you dint have to pay, what is the most expensive thing you would buy?
5.Favorite childhood memory?
6. How would you spend your ideal "FREE" day?
7.One thing which will always be in your bag?
8.One dish you can eat again and over again?
9.Dream get-away?
10.Your favourite place to shop yarn/craft supplies?
11.Most loved site-com series?
Phew...that was a job well done i hope!
Congrats my lovely friends and here's thanking Anna and Garden Chef again :)
Also wanted to share a very special and fun party hosted by Vicki from 2 Bag's Full. It is the "Grow Your  Blog" party. Please pop over there and join in the fun!

Leaving you with some fun posters and a link of awesome crochet quotes:

Love and more..


  1. Hi, Rajeshwari! I feel like this Liebster award has been circulating among us ;)Congrats on receiving 2 of them:)Nice to reads your answers too.I also would like to learn German.
    I'm also in Vicki's event! see you there:)

  2. What fun! Thanks a lot for the award! But the questions are making me nervous! ;) Good to know so much about you. I think we all are very similar in some ways and we think in mostly same direction. :) I would be joining Vicki's party, too. Lets have fun!!!! :))

  3. What fun! Thanks a lot for the award! But the questions are making me nervous! ;) Good to know so much about you. I think we all are very similar in some ways and we think in mostly same direction. :) I would be joining Vicki's party, too. Lets have fun!!!! :))

  4. It was fun to read this post :D Day without family and just browsing through net... hmmmm.....sounds soooo gooood.
    And thanks a lot for passing on the award!!

  5. Thank you, dear for the award and your kind words. So sweet of you. I really enjoyed reading about you. Hope I come up with some interesting answers.

  6. Congratulations Everyone :)


  7. Hi Sweetie -- I have just loaded your blog in place for my Grow Your Blog party -- I look forward to meeting you and reading your special post on the 19. I hope you make lots and lots of friends!


  8. You are so welcome! Thank you for passing it forward. I like your style. Carry on! Nice to know more and more about each other. I also like your Bilingual poster. :)

  9. thank you for your lovely words Rajeswari, I will be having a look around all that you have spoken of! Heather x

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