Jul 19, 2012

Granny goodness

Good Morning my lovely people!

Woke up to this bunch of lovely roses and carnations.

Little people woke up to this bunch of playful balloons.
Guess its all happy down here then :)

I have been planning a new huge granny square blanket. Contemplating on the yarn and pattern.
After reading so much on other yarn and crochet blogs about StyleCraft Special DK i had it ordered and soon after it arrived in the mail. This yarn is what everyone say it plus some more!! I just love love love love the texture, feel and the easy with which one can hook this up. Liked all the colors of this batch i ordered except the pink. It is a bit tooo bright for my palate. 

Made these granny squares from this book. You can read about this lovely book in my previous post .

Which is your favourite among the four?

My favourite one is this below.

Excuse the colors thoo.... Imagine the pink in read and the blue is varigated pink and the yellow in a pastel pink. Wow, it would look lovely. Waiting to get my hands on the new order which i have placed for my StyleCraft DK...

There are lots of ways to join these granny squares.

The Crafty Tortoise lists a few of there here.
Dear Lucy provides a beautiful tutorial for the same here.  This is my personal favourite way to join squares. Very easy and also i feel very stable and secure method.

One can also do the single crochet method of joining by holding the wrong sides together to get a wonderful ridge appearance in the front. This gives every square a ridge border and looks fantastic.
I have done the same here. Notice the yellow ridges giving a totally new look to the dish cloth.

Joining granny squares is very therapeutic.Crochet therapy at its best infact.
I have had my dose of this today. Hope you do so too !!



  1. Oh! So cute...the cute faces made my morning beautiful...
    The square is very colourful...loved it

  2. Very excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing. All the Best.


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