Apr 16, 2013

Vibrant Cotton and a Must-Have Book

Helllo my LOVELY people.

Hope you ladies are fine and all that...

Today, its a bit of a rush post as my hands are waiting to hook - i have an almost 99% finished ripple to show off and yummy delicious cotton threads waiting to be made into something fun, useful and decorative!

I had to show you guys my new yarn. Its the RICO Creative Cotton ordered from Deramores. Link HERE.

The colors..oh the colors...they are toooo good to be true...Yummy, colorful and delightful. Every crocheter's delight! For my readers who are in India, the thickness is very similar to the Laura Cotton you are familiar with. But the texture, it is very different.

Very soft and very thin threads not so split y as Laura but it is much softer than Laura. The color shades are much wider here and have a great finish to it. But the similarity is that both are fast colors. I tested the usual suspect - Red and Purple, first wash of the strand yielded a bit of color bleed, the second time not much. So guess the first wash has to be at the dry-cleaners :) Recommended for home decor projects, mandalas , buntings, purses and such stuff. Not recommended for use on clothing.

Now, as i promised earlier - A Book Review of Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman.
A must have book for any one who loves making blankets and adding a touch of crochet to home items.

Doing the border from my ripple using the Border #42.

 Best part of this book is how she has told us to do the corners. I now have a perfect cornered blanket :)
2 more rows to go and i will have a Ta-daah for you very soon!!

 The hand towel is done with Border #73 and Rico Cotton.

A few more on my to-do list..

 This would look great as an edging for any girl's dress, what say?

There you are my lovelies... New yarn, new projects, new books - a world of possibilities i must say :)

Finally, a dear fellow blogger Nata from Nata's Nest gave me a pleasant surprise and passed on a sweet award to me HERE.

Thank you so much dear for this appreciation! She is very creative and you must pop over at her place for a visit and wont be disappointed!!

So off i am dearies, got to get busy with the border and be done with it.
Till then, have fun, be crafty and stay happy :)


  1. I got that book for my birthday but as yet haven't tried anything from it. I like the look of the rico cotton and have been so tempted to buy some, but I mustn't I have to bust a lot of my stash first...you temptress you haha can't wait to see your ripple :)

  2. Lovely yarn and lovely shades too ! Waiting to see the beautiful border on your blanket:) Is the yarn lightweight compared to Laura?

  3. beautiful colours Rajeswari, can you please tell me what colours you got? the book looks very interesting too

  4. Ah yes, I love Rico Creative Cotton as well! You can use it for a shawl or scarf (see one on my blog: http://mamadoggie.blogspot.nl/2013/03/regenboogsjaal.html). I have also used it for amigurumi (dolls) but I feel it's not ideal for that.

    As for weight: 50 grams is 85 meter. Crochet hooks 4-5 mm recommended.


  5. Rajeshwari, stop teasing me ..and Preeti and Linda and others too! It is not fair!
    Kidding of course! (or not :P)
    Anyway, those colors are the yummiest ever! Any project would become great with them!
    also can't wait to see your ripple finished! With such lovely border! :) thanks for sharing that book review :)

  6. Ciao
    Hai un blog con lavori bellissimi!
    Da oggi sono una tua nuova follower ... se ti va passa da me ... ti aspetto. :-)

  7. The yarn looks yummy! I like Eckman's books, though I have only one but I am sure others are good as the one I have(Beyond Squares).
    I love that blanket of yours but i am curious to see it with border. Looking forward to the Ta daa moment! :)

  8. That book looks great, reminds me I want to take a trip to the library to see what crochet books they have there. Also, I really want to try using cotton yarn.. I usually just use acrylic :/

  9. I think that lovely book will be going on my wish list!
    Angie x

  10. lovely coloured yarn and a very useful looking book! enjoy, Heather x

  11. I love this yarn too! I´m lucky that it is available here at our yarn store. I can´t wait to see your finished ripple blanket. The edging is looking great! I really have to add this book to my wish list!
    Have a great day! xBarbina

  12. I thought of buying RICO following your link but most of the nice shades are out of stock :(


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