Jun 7, 2012

Matching Matching

My little miss is suddenly all grown up. She wants to match all her dresses with mine. I find this immensely cute and adorable!! We both have a blue and white polka dotted pajamas and whenever we wear it together she is like ,"Mamma and me, matching matching!". And when we are in the same color tops/t-shirts she is soo very excited.

So imagine her excitement when we bought the same type of footwear!! She was alllll smiles and insisted i buy one like her's.

These are the traditional Jaipuri Joothis.You can find more information about this wonderful and colorful state of Rajasthan here. It is very famous in India and can be worn to give a very casual or a very chic look with Indian clothes and fabrics.

Here we are together! I do love the look of her sandals.

Some more fabric for getting them sewed into pajamas. Hopefully i can learn sewing very soon....

Started on another crochet project. This is actually a place-mat design as per Ravelry. But i am going to do more rows and columns to make it into a television drape. My mom selected this design after she feel in love with it. And i had fallen in love with this pattern a long time before :)

It is very delicate and pretty, but oh sooo very fiddly. It is definitely not going to get over in a week's time. 

We may be getting some rain in this part of the world today.. I do hope so it does rain and everyone does love the monsoon right. Best time to tuck in hot hot samosas and tea! Here's hoping for rain and all the good eating it brings along..


  1. Hi Rajeshwari,
    You are so lucky to have a daughter.
    I have passed the Liebster blog award to you. Visit me at http://crochetkari.blogspot.in/2012/06/liebster-blog-award.html to read all about it. And do pass it on.

  2. awww!! matching matching chappals,its so cute!!Love the flowers on the hook

  3. so cute matching matching chappals:).. flowers are too good. happy to follow u dear:)
    pls visit and join my space in ur free time:)

  4. It is very delicate and pretty, but oh sooo very fiddly.

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