Mar 20, 2014

Spring Bunting Ta-daah!!

I have been waiting and wanting so much to show you guys this little piece of crocheting from so many days. There was not much of light fit for photographing these little triangles...

Without much i give you my Spring Bunting..


 The pom poms and the flower beads are "extra details" on request by my little miss..

The buttons...oh love the buttons :)

There it is, one lovely bunting on the wall of my room ... It adds a great dash of color to my room. The kids love it and have fun naming the colors.

The crochet granny triangles are from a pattern HERE.

Here's wishing you a happy Spring 2014. Cheers to summer, salads, mock tails and lots of fun in the sun!!


Mar 17, 2014

Colorful Sunday

My lovely ladies!

A goood Monday morning to you all...I know most of us hate the Mondays and the Blues..But i for one, love it.. Because after the weekend with family and all the activities and the chores..i finally get my cuppa and some me time alone..!! It feels so relaxing and blissful when the little ones are at school and the big one is at office..BAD bad me...but there it is.. I love my Mondays :)

We had a colorful weekend here at my home....
Visited the flower show in Victoria Park...

It was really very colorful event, but very crowded at with small kids it was not a very friendly place.

On the crafty and crochet front, i am up to no good. The pointlessness of this item says it all..

Yeah, you guessed it!!

A BUNTING, what else!!!

Keep watch this space for the Ta-daah...i have been very excited to crochet this item, made from scraps of wool..totally useless but tottally worth the color satisfaction..

How was your weekend, do write in as i love hearing from you..

Till next time..

Mar 6, 2014

The lost art of blogging..

My dear bloggers, i have missed out on the action these days and how!!!

Well the post title says it all....I seem to have lost my mojo to blog or even to craft. I just cannot keep rambling right? There is not a single event which seem to have made me forget blogger land. I was visiting pages and having a blast on Pinterest. Infact there is so much of inspiration that i was lost...

If you are here for the crochet...skip ahead..i am all set to ramble :)))

* Visited my home country, India, for 2 weeks.
* Recovered my my first attack of cold in years.
* Pushed children through the rainy dreary months of Feb in Hong Kong.
* Developed a new love, HAND EMBROIDERY!!

*** Little Miss swallowed a metallic ball of approx 1cm in diameter and spent a night in hospital waiting for our turn to get her X-rayed and spent another anxious day waiting for the foreign object to pass through her digestive track!!

* Been exercising and seem to have lost 2-3 inches around the tummy!
* Eating fruits and loadss of veggies and drinking mugs of green Tea.. It really keeps you fresh from the inside!!

So that's why i have been missing. But but i am back. Hope to catch up and read all the lovely posts and stop by @ your creative spaces..

Having a growing girl at home means constant demands on the crafty side. Little Miss wanted a heart, a rainbow one of all..To hang on her bag..So this is what i made

The buttons were all selected and placed as per Little Miss's planning. I especially liked the rainbow charm. Suits her to a button. The brown button signifies "chocolate" - her favorite item for dessert.

She asked for her name to be stitched and in white thread..So her wish becomes my command.

Especially in love with this tag. Oh how i am gonna miss shopping in HK :((

Its really very simple, just crochet two hearts, embellish it to your hearts content and the stitch it together.. Make the little one stuff it with cotton and stitch it up! There you go, a perfectly hand made heart for your little Angel!

These days I seem to be attracted to making hearts...

This is my new love, Hand Embroidery. 

More of this in my next post...

Keep writing to me as i have really missed hearing from you guys. I feel like i have missed out a part of myself as blogging is really me, just my space on this wide world web..

Love and more,

Jan 9, 2014

Crocheting in 2014

My dear readers!

Wishing you all a happy, crafty, prosperous and healthy new year 2014!!

How are you in this new year so far? I have been reading about the chill blast going on in the US, UK and Canada. It is very cosy to sit at home by a fire and do lovely things with family during this time. I do wish for sunshine tho..really not a winter person, except when I get to drink my coffee :) In my home city, Bangalore, we always had perfect weather. Sharing a cuppa with a loved one was one of the best things you could do...

Hmm anyways before i go on...Have you guys made your NYR? New Year Resolution i mean ;) I am not a believe of these things, but one thing I know is that i want to make more, love more, live more, craft more and laugh more! And I want to buy less, eat less and get angry less. Lets see...the key word is MORE and LESS but need to get the objects right, you know what I mean...SEEEE this is what dull weather does to me :||||||||||

So the other day, i wanted to try doilies and searched a lot for lotsa patterns. But finally decided to go ahead with my tried pattern of Rose Doily - pattern link HERE.

Spotted my polymer hook? Crocheting with a 2.0 mm hook is so much easier with this hook.

This year I want to do lots of projects, but smaller scale ones...No more biggies ;)

So what is the first thing you did in this new year?

Keep writing as every word gives me encouragement and sunshine!