Mar 17, 2014

Colorful Sunday

My lovely ladies!

A goood Monday morning to you all...I know most of us hate the Mondays and the Blues..But i for one, love it.. Because after the weekend with family and all the activities and the chores..i finally get my cuppa and some me time alone..!! It feels so relaxing and blissful when the little ones are at school and the big one is at office..BAD bad me...but there it is.. I love my Mondays :)

We had a colorful weekend here at my home....
Visited the flower show in Victoria Park...

It was really very colorful event, but very crowded at with small kids it was not a very friendly place.

On the crafty and crochet front, i am up to no good. The pointlessness of this item says it all..

Yeah, you guessed it!!

A BUNTING, what else!!!

Keep watch this space for the Ta-daah...i have been very excited to crochet this item, made from scraps of wool..totally useless but tottally worth the color satisfaction..

How was your weekend, do write in as i love hearing from you..

Till next time..


  1. Wow, Indeed very colorful flowers. Love the bunting :-)

  2. The flower show seems wonderful. Love the pics of the little peeps. Mmmm.... colour satisfaction indeed.

  3. your bunting will be wonderful!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. It looks really Dutch... with lots of tulips. Like the Keukenhof overhere, very pretty! Happy bunting:)

  5. A feast for my eyes, your children have really enjoyed their day out - look at the smiles. Jo x

  6. Precioso! no entiendo nada de lo que escribes, pero tus post, con tanto colorido me alegran la maƱana.

  7. Lovely flower pictures and your kids are looking very cute:)
    Your bunting is reflection of all the flower colors!! Very pretty:)

  8. Nooo no, it's never pointless! It's mos pretty :-)
    Lovely flowers as well.

  9. What beautiful photo's! I love the animals so clever, it looks like you all had a great time, your bunting will be very pretty and it will cheer up anyone who looks at it so it's not useless at all. :)

  10. What a colourful flowers!!!
    Crochet looks very pretty!
    I love my Mondays too :)

  11. The bunting will be gorgeous!!!! Love how springy all the colors are!!

  12. Hi Rajeshwari! Long long time I havent' come to your lovely creative space!
    I KNOW what you mean by loving Mondays... I live in a joint family so sometimes I really long for Me and Alone-at-home time :) But I enjoy weekends too as my and husband can spend time together.
    The flowers are stunning! I would like to see it with my own eyes, this year there are not so many flowers in Chandigarh, or may be I simply don't notice...

    Your bunting is NOT useless :) It beautiful and I am sure it will very well brighten up a room!
    Have a wonderful day!!


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