Aug 27, 2013

Pink and Purple and some Grey too

Firstly me lovely people, thank you so so so much for such kind words for me and my little man! He surely is feeling in the pink of health and i hope it remains so :)

My little princess is turning 4 next month. I had hooked a blanket for her when she was an infant and it lasted her this long. But now, its really short and she has been asking me for a new one. She is a BIG girl now and wanted only in pink and purple. How can I refuse her colors? Least she may not end up using it!!

You can find the pattern for the squares , the source that is in one of my previous posts HERE .

 Each block measures approx 6". Hoping it would be a 60 x 72 " blanket for her. I am sure it will not get done by Sept. But maybe by this winter for sure :)

On a more experimental note, have always wanted to try Tapestry Crochet. It looks so wonderfully mysterious to trying this wonderful pattern from Crochet Today. Link HERE for the free PDF pattern..

In ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!

What are you guys crafting??


Aug 20, 2013

Finally I am here & a Nana Square Cushion

My dear people!

How i have missed this blogging world!! I have been gone away a long time...a bit too long a time. Hope it is not a reason for all you lovely people to forget me. I have hardly had the time to do anything these past few weeks...

If you want to know what kept me and my hook and my blogging separate, read on...Else skip to just read my last hooky adventure!

All was going fine, until disaster struck in the form of an angry young man - my little man - my son! He slammed a heavy door on his hand and there was a deep cut, along with a mad dash to the hospital. The doctor put on 5 teeny tiny stitches and told me again and again that everything will be back to normal. They had to remove his nail but he said that the root is intact and it would all seem the same in 2-3 months time.. But i was scared, the most i have ever been, and fell ill with a viral fever.

Till the stitches were removed, i used to baby sit him like he was a month old infant! In between this, we had lots of traveling to do, visiting my mother-in-laws place. On a more tragic note, she lost her mother to a paralytic attack and had to travel to her home town for the last rites. I was at my sister-in-laws place and then again we moved to my MIL's place... So in short, it has been a hectic, worrisome, tiring month for me!

But now, my son is fine, his nail is actually growing. The scar of the stitches is long gone and he is back to his naughty days.. In-fact he was back on the day his stitches were put too!! Also i am back in Hong Kong now.. Back to my sweet small home, and more importantly kids are back with their daddy dear and i am back with my helper! So all is well now :)

Ufff.....sorry for the long explanation.. Before all this happened, i had completed a cushion for my mom's house and had even clicked the snaps. But am posting it now, after more than 1 month..

A few details :

Yarn used : Stylecraft Special DK
Pattern : Nana square from The Royal Sisters HERE.
No of squares : 7 x 7 = 49
Joined using SCs holding RS together.

I joined the squares together and then when it was a 7 x 7 blanket i sewed it on to an existing cushion cover! Clever na, in that way i did not have to hook the back, the zipper on the existing cover provided a closure method and i also re-used an old item :)

Gosh, i missed blogging and more than that i missed visiting other blogs and reading about your crafty adventures :) I promise to cover my back log and set off on a blogger-land spree!! Do write in always and all ways, i love hearing from my lovely friends...