Aug 27, 2013

Pink and Purple and some Grey too

Firstly me lovely people, thank you so so so much for such kind words for me and my little man! He surely is feeling in the pink of health and i hope it remains so :)

My little princess is turning 4 next month. I had hooked a blanket for her when she was an infant and it lasted her this long. But now, its really short and she has been asking me for a new one. She is a BIG girl now and wanted only in pink and purple. How can I refuse her colors? Least she may not end up using it!!

You can find the pattern for the squares , the source that is in one of my previous posts HERE .

 Each block measures approx 6". Hoping it would be a 60 x 72 " blanket for her. I am sure it will not get done by Sept. But maybe by this winter for sure :)

On a more experimental note, have always wanted to try Tapestry Crochet. It looks so wonderfully mysterious to trying this wonderful pattern from Crochet Today. Link HERE for the free PDF pattern..

In ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!

What are you guys crafting??



  1. That is the girliest blanket ever and is going to be great when it is finished. There is a little tutorial on tapestry crochet at Little Woollie too. It is a great blog. Jo x

  2. Great!! You got yourself hooked to mega project again!! Squares and color combos are cool!! :)
    Tapestry crochet, is that a sweater you are making for your son? Looks beautiful !! I thought tapestry and filet crochet meant same, but they are quite different.

  3. A lot of crocheting around there!!!! Have fun !!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. That is a beautiful blanket in the making! Love the squares and the colours. :-)

  5. Love the squares you're using for your daughter's blanket - it's looking very pretty so far. :)

  6. Beautiful squares! This is going to be such a wonderful blanket! I'm sure your little daughter will love it!
    Have a great week!!xxBarbina

  7. I love the square's it's going to be a beautiful blanket for your daughter, I bet she can't wait until it's finished. I have never tried Tapestry crochet but it looks very interesting, trouble is where does one find the time, I am making three blankets...very slowly, and preemie hats. :)

  8. lovely squares. Surely your daughter will love it.

  9. Your squares look wonderful! And such pretty colors. She's going to love it :-)
    Your tapestry crochet is coming along very nicely, too :-)
    Blessings :-)

  10. You as usual have some beautiful projects to show, Rajeshwari! I really love the blanket colors, your little girl has good taste :) And oh, it will be so comfortable for her to curl up under this blankie...
    I also wanted to try tapestry crochet, so may be it is time. I also started learning tatting, but it is a tough needle art... I will show that single knot which I made so far... Otherwise I am gathering all my will to continue my big blanket...difficult to do after long break!
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. your crochet is just beautiful. are you using all those squares? tapestry crochet is something I want to try on. what are u making with it?

  12. Oh Rajeswari, this blanket will become wonderful!! Just perfect for a sweet young lady :-))


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