Dec 21, 2013

My first ever shawl..!

Dear people,

First of all let me start by wishing all my blogger friends a very happy holiday season. Which ever part of the world you are in and what ever manner you are celebrating this season, hope it is going to be merry and filled with love, laughter and all the really matters!

I have something to show you today, a finished garment. This took me a LONGGGGGGGGgg time to make, mainly because I used a 3.00 mm hook whereas the pattern called for a 6.00mm. But, the result is so worth it! It is soo smooth and drapey and I love snuggling in it.

So here it is, my first every shawl!

The pattern in Mother of Bride shawl and the free pattern can be found HERE.

It really is a simple repeat of this shell stitch.

Particularly happy with the border. Did you like it? It was on my own, just let the hook and the yarn do the talking..

The shawl fully spread out...

Its been a while he was featured here :P He loves snuggling in my shawl and calls it his cosy blanket!

Thats it from me my dearies!

I have 2 weeks of holidays + kids @ home + cold brrrr cold weather + awesome sales + 2 colorful hooky things + lots of yummy food to keep me company.. Hope you are are more blessed than me :)

Love and more,

Dec 16, 2013

Meet @ Made in K-Town

My dear friends!

To all the crochet enthusiasts out there, Barbara from Made in K-Town is no stranger. She has a very colorful and inspirational blog and i love all her patterns and also look forward to reading her blog. It was such a pleasant surprise when she asked me to do a guest post for her blog.

Snippets from the post :

"My name is Rajeswari and besides being happily married and mom of 2 kids, I own my happy space at “Diapermum”. My home country is India but I live in Hong Kong right now. I used to be a run-off-the-mill IT consultant before I was blessed with my little angel and later on with my charming prince. Crocheting and crafting were my passions since childhood days and being a stay at home mom gave me the perfect opportunity to get back to my crafty adventures. Blogging has been my creative outlet and has connected me with so many amazing and talented people from all over the world."

To read more, grab a cuppa and a nice warm blanket, and head over to Made in K-Town HERE.

Will be back soon with a finished project that i am waiting to share with you guys and hear your lovely comments and words!


Dec 6, 2013

Joy of Gifting

Its that season of the year again, the Christmas season, the festive season. Though we do not celebrate Christmas, i LOVE LOVE to see the Christmas spirit all around me. In HK there are lot of Christmas decorations floating around, the whole town is twinkling and the best part - SALES!! Everywhere...and why not take advantage of it :)

I really have been meaning to blog more my dear friends, but somehow these days time seems to be a precious commodity... Also I have been crafting more and blogging less..!! MUST mend it..

A dear friend of mine requested a small crochet item from me. Have a look at it..

Can you guess what it is?

It is a set of scarfs for the deity she worships. The deities are dressed in resplendent clothes and they even have seasonal outfits. Since the onset of winter, she wanted to put some warm clothes on for them and asked me to do some for her. She picked the colors and I picked the pattern. The white scarf is from the free pattern HERE and the red one is basically STAR STITCH, a very good video for the same can be found HERE. I was so glad that my handiwork was getting put to such special use!

Also in the little princess school we had to give a hanging 3D Christmas decoration.
Made this Flower Star for her. It was truly a joint effort as the Hubby punched the flowers, the little miss put the tiny stars into the golden pins and I pinned it into the thermocol star.

She also wrote Merry Christmas on it! 
Topped it with a red bow and voila it was all done :)

Hope you all are getting ready for the festive season, one way or the other!
Love to read and share all your adventures as always...