Dec 16, 2013

Meet @ Made in K-Town

My dear friends!

To all the crochet enthusiasts out there, Barbara from Made in K-Town is no stranger. She has a very colorful and inspirational blog and i love all her patterns and also look forward to reading her blog. It was such a pleasant surprise when she asked me to do a guest post for her blog.

Snippets from the post :

"My name is Rajeswari and besides being happily married and mom of 2 kids, I own my happy space at “Diapermum”. My home country is India but I live in Hong Kong right now. I used to be a run-off-the-mill IT consultant before I was blessed with my little angel and later on with my charming prince. Crocheting and crafting were my passions since childhood days and being a stay at home mom gave me the perfect opportunity to get back to my crafty adventures. Blogging has been my creative outlet and has connected me with so many amazing and talented people from all over the world."

To read more, grab a cuppa and a nice warm blanket, and head over to Made in K-Town HERE.

Will be back soon with a finished project that i am waiting to share with you guys and hear your lovely comments and words!



  1. Congrats! I enjoy reading your blog and Barbara's blog. :)

  2. wonderful Rajeswari! you are a very talented lady and have made some very unique things! Heather x

  3. Congrats, Rajeswari!! :) that was a very nice and interesting post !! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Hi Rajeswari, Loved your guest post at Made in K-town! Way to go, Girl!!

  5. Wow thats really great to see you !!!
    Beautiful work !!

  6. Do you have pattern for that brown clutch!!???


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