Jan 9, 2014

Crocheting in 2014

My dear readers!

Wishing you all a happy, crafty, prosperous and healthy new year 2014!!

How are you in this new year so far? I have been reading about the chill blast going on in the US, UK and Canada. It is very cosy to sit at home by a fire and do lovely things with family during this time. I do wish for sunshine tho..really not a winter person, except when I get to drink my coffee :) In my home city, Bangalore, we always had perfect weather. Sharing a cuppa with a loved one was one of the best things you could do...

Hmm anyways before i go on...Have you guys made your NYR? New Year Resolution i mean ;) I am not a believe of these things, but one thing I know is that i want to make more, love more, live more, craft more and laugh more! And I want to buy less, eat less and get angry less. Lets see...the key word is MORE and LESS but need to get the objects right, you know what I mean...SEEEE this is what dull weather does to me :||||||||||

So the other day, i wanted to try doilies and searched a lot for lotsa patterns. But finally decided to go ahead with my tried pattern of Rose Doily - pattern link HERE.

Spotted my polymer hook? Crocheting with a 2.0 mm hook is so much easier with this hook.

This year I want to do lots of projects, but smaller scale ones...No more biggies ;)

So what is the first thing you did in this new year?

Keep writing as every word gives me encouragement and sunshine!