Jan 9, 2014

Crocheting in 2014

My dear readers!

Wishing you all a happy, crafty, prosperous and healthy new year 2014!!

How are you in this new year so far? I have been reading about the chill blast going on in the US, UK and Canada. It is very cosy to sit at home by a fire and do lovely things with family during this time. I do wish for sunshine tho..really not a winter person, except when I get to drink my coffee :) In my home city, Bangalore, we always had perfect weather. Sharing a cuppa with a loved one was one of the best things you could do...

Hmm anyways before i go on...Have you guys made your NYR? New Year Resolution i mean ;) I am not a believe of these things, but one thing I know is that i want to make more, love more, live more, craft more and laugh more! And I want to buy less, eat less and get angry less. Lets see...the key word is MORE and LESS but need to get the objects right, you know what I mean...SEEEE this is what dull weather does to me :||||||||||

So the other day, i wanted to try doilies and searched a lot for lotsa patterns. But finally decided to go ahead with my tried pattern of Rose Doily - pattern link HERE.

Spotted my polymer hook? Crocheting with a 2.0 mm hook is so much easier with this hook.

This year I want to do lots of projects, but smaller scale ones...No more biggies ;)

So what is the first thing you did in this new year?

Keep writing as every word gives me encouragement and sunshine!



  1. Happy New Year to you and your family - I hope it's a good one for you all :0) x

  2. Hi dear,
    Wish you a wonderful and fantastic 2014. Get angry less...hmmm....maybe that should be my NYR...haha. The rose doily never ceases to amaze me and I love your new one more than the blue one. Guess what?!...I will be making one too this year as I gifted mine to my doctor. Your crochet and your photos both are superb! :) I just finished my first 2014 project - Autumn Sunset cowl by Moogly in Salmon color. May take a while to post as I am going to Mumbai and not sure whether I will have the time (taking care of MIL post surgery) and internet access.
    Lotsa love to you and the little ones xxxxx

  3. Surely I can't be the first to leave a comment for this awesome piece of artwork? can I? it is really beautiful. I find thin hooks hurt my hand too so that is a good idea. Glad to hear from you. Jo x

  4. Happy New Year Rajeswari! I do like your first project of the year it's beautiful, I can see one of those sitting on my table another project for the to do list. Your hook is pretty too, it must be a pleasure to crochet with it. I use the clover hooks they are great for crocheting but not very pretty. Keep warm :)

  5. My NYR are pretty much the same as you, eat less, spend less..oh..and get through some of my crafty stash :D hehe

    Your new finish is lovely, I will learn to crochet one day...perhaps that could be another resolution to add to the list... :)

  6. such a beautiful work, my dear!!!!!! wow!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. Your Doiley is an absolutely stunning piece of work. I hope I can produce something so pretty and so perfect one day. It's amazing :)
    Sally xxx

  8. Your doily looks very pretty!! Happy new year to you and your family!!:)
    I don't make any resolutions, they remind me to do another task...ha...ha...

  9. A very happy new year to you rajeswari. Every year myNYR will fly off within a week or two. So decided not to take any resolutions but this year i should try not to get angry over the kids unneccesarily. Let me see.
    Your doily is looking beautiful. The pattern was in my to do list for a long time.

  10. Gosh this is so beautiful, yes we've been hit by storms here in the UK, very rainy and windy....I'm ready for spring! :) x

  11. This is sooo pretty! My first time visiting your blog and am sure will be coming again soon. Have a lovely 2014.

    Amira @ http://littlemushroomcap.blogspot.com

  12. Wishing you a very Happy New Year Rajeswari. I havent made any resolutions this year.. lets see how it goes without any.The doily looks so sunny n beautiful!

  13. Oh Rajeswari, I'm directly fallen in love with your doily!! ♥ Such a beauty, gorgeous :-). Lovely hook and the wool bin is great, so happy and colorful! - About NYR, I'm not making any because I know for sure that I won't keep them ;-). - Our weather is o.k. Sometimes rain, sometimes sun, and the most important: No snow up to now! Too cold, o.k., but that's naturally normal in winter ;-). - Have a wonderful weekend and a great 2014!
    Nata xxx

  14. Another stunning piece! I'm glad I found my way over here! :)

  15. Lovely colors! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Your doily is beautiful! I love the colors you used!

  17. Your doily is beautiful! I love the colors you used!


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