Oct 19, 2012

Ups and Downs

Hello my lovely people!

How fast the time flies, we already have a Friday upon us :) I have been unusually busy last couple of days, what with the kids and daily ups and downs in life. Sometimes i just need to sit back and relax! Oh no! Cant do that, another chore just came up or another kid just cried or is hungry or is angry or is weeping or is...you get it right. Two small children in the house, in a foreign land sometimes does have its downs. Feeling a bit blue, feeling if i am all alone and am i doing the right things for them. I do so miss my friends back in my home town, i do have some friends here, but diapers and strollers are sometimes just the end of social life.

But not to worry, they will grow up, i will learn and we all will definitely be bugging each other for a long long time!! Lesson to self : Stay calm, relax, breathe deeply and tell self that THIS WILL PASS.If not one can always crochet along :)

On this happy note, i present to you my progress on the Giant Granny Patches Blanket. I am done with all my 672 squares. But the joining is not happening as fast i would like it. Mainly because it has ceased to be a portable project and with so many many color options, i often need to sit back spread out the work done and plan accordingly.

 My little man wanted to be a part of the photo taking action at home.

To help me ease the process, i did some planning. I divided the 19 colors of 36 squares each into 28 rows of 24 colors each. Of-course i am an engineer and now's when the maths i learned for so many years comes into some practical use!! ha ha 
Separated them into 28 zip-lock packets, which my little miss helped me to do. We had such a fun night that day. Both of us packing away the little squares into the packets. And she learning how to lock the bags. So i pick up 1 bag and just lay the color, stand back, re-arrange them and then proceed to join them to the blanket!

Well, its Friday, hopefully the weekend will be much better for me mood-wise. I do hope you guys are crocheting and having fun!

Take care and wishing eveyrone a happy weekend! See you on the other side :)

Oct 12, 2012

Fascinations on a Friday 10/12

Hello my beautiful people!

Isn't there something deeply soothing and calming about the Autumn shades?

Today my fascinations are these 2 lovely blankets.

 The above lovely Autumn, pure girlie, so wonderfully beautiful, soft and elegant blanket is from HERE. I love this wonderful lady's blog and her crochet works are amazing! Do check it out for some awesome eye candy and color therapy. I am planning a similar blanket, similar shades but slightly modified squares for a blanket for my little miss.. Very soon!

The second blanket is equally charming and quaint. Love the tassels on it. You can find the pattern HERE. I think i very soon need to do a Ripple blanket just to get it out of my system!

Hope you guys enjoyed these 2 blankets. Take care and have a wonderful weekend ahead :)


Oct 11, 2012

Oops! I knitted :)

Hello my lovely bloggers!

Hope you are all keeping well and join me in welcoming my new friends

Sharon Braxton of From my Front Porch - love the title of your blog and all your adventures! 
Esthi777, Janusa,Timinou,Jacintha and Sandy - please let me know if you blog so that i can link back and share the crafting passion :)
Pearlin J from Knottyville - she has an awesome blog and some must do crochet bag projects!

Also Thankyou dear Maree for the lovely "Liebster award"! 

Maree has a wonderful blog and both of us have embarked on the Granny Patch Blanket inspired from Sandra of Cherry Heart

Now there are certain rules to follow when you get this award.
* Explain 11 things about you
* Answer the 11 questions about yourself
* Choose 11 blogs and name in the post
* Follow the blog of the person which awarded ​​you
* Visit at least three blogs awarded by this blog

Continue at your own risk!!

11 things about me:

*I am the only child of my parents
*I lived all my life in Bangalore and now in Hong Kong to support my Banker hubby.
*I hate cockroaches, actually petrified of them!!
*Love dark orange chocolate
*Love the late hours compared to the early mornings
*Can drive my car real fast even on Indian roads
*Have a fetish for all things red
*Stuck with creative anxiety disorder - need to do all things creative!!
*Cannot rest till i complete what i have in mind
*Love mushrooms and spicy food
*Cannot do without strong cup of coffee as soon as i get up
*Suffer from Obsessive compulsive disorder!

Hope you guys are still my friends :))

Now, answer to the 11 questions:

* How do you define yourself? Typical Aeries, strong willed and determined!
* What is your favorite dish? Pav Bhaji from Honest :)
* Would you rather cook or you cook? Would love if someone cooks all my meals, i go to the kitchen only bcos i HAVE to!!
* What is your favorite dessert? Tiramisu
* If you had to stay with an ingredient, what would it be? Rice
* What is the best trip I've done?  Trip to Mauritius with just the Banker and me, did i really live w/o kids..man i need to see the snaps again!
* What is the best restaurant you've eaten in? Magnolia in Bangalore - miss it everyday!
* Do you prefer meat or fish?Veggie by birth and nature:)
* What is your favorite cheese? All things sticky and stretchy
* Black or milk chocolate? Black
* What is the worst dish you've tried?hmmm, mainly whatever Banker orders invariable turns against my palate..

Would like to pass this award to all my lovely readers! Each of you have an awesome space and i hope that this creative and crafty passion and friendship lasts a long long while:)

This was fun, hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed typing it.

OK, if you are wondering where is the thing i knitted?

Here i present to you, my first knitted vest for my boy. Time he featured in my blog too, don't want to land in the middle of a sibbling fight here:)

 Yes he loved to tear, pull, throw, climb and fall - basically anything destructive - Typical Boy ! How fascinating right?? ha ha

 The car buttons was something which i had to stitch on:)
 This vest would not have been possible if my dear mother-in-law wasn't with me. She is an awesome knitter and guided me thru every step! It is really difficult to work with 2 needles, also need to see that your stitches don't slip..i will not go to this area. Knitting is not really my cup of tea, but i had to try it to see how it works. My opinion - knitted sweaters are better, crocheted blankets are better!

Some details:
Basic vest pattern can be found HERE. - My MIL modified it highly to get the correct size!
Crochet car applique pattern can be found HERE.

What do you guys feel? Do drop in a word, love to hear from you:)


Oct 9, 2012

Features and 1 for my Little Man

Good morning my beautiful friends!

How are you? Did you guys enjoy your weekend? A bit of house work, a dollop of child's play, a bob of crochet and bits of blogger-land?. They say that weekends are to de-stress and enjoy. Try telling that to a home-maker with 2 small kids and a hubby grown up equally stubborn kid! Running from here to there, always answering to "mamma", "mamma" Well that's how it was here in my Diaper-land :)

But i had a great surprise waiting for me...
On Friday, dear Kara @ Petals and Picots featured my Princess Bolero. My first ever wearable crochet it was and i was thrilled to be featured on her blog. The link is HERE.

On Saturday when i was browsing through the blogs on my Reader's list, i saw a snap of my Giant Granny Patch Blanket from Annemarie's Blog. No, it can't be i thought, clicked anyways and surprise!! I was on her Link Party too!! 2 in a row, it made my crochet day!! I was a thrilled, happy and so lucky to have such a creative hobby!! Don't you think Crochet is so wonderful and healing? I read somewhere that it is also one of the very few needle crafts that cannot be replicated by a machine..So hurrah's for all us crocheters!!

I have made much more for my girl than my son, mainly because she is a girl! and crochet items are more for the girl or home - at-least the ones i do :) You can pretty up a girl's dress with flowers, butterflies, laces, buttons, bows and what not. But there is a limit to what you can do with boys stuff. Even in any dress store, i see soo many varieties for girls and also colors. But for boys its always the boring blues, whites, greens or max yellow and orange.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings.. This is my next project.

 I did manage to find the awesome Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk yarn in the bottom of my yarn box. I had bought these 3 colors for making a stripe vest for my boy. I have started off and here's a look at the first few rows. Its alternating FPDC and BPDC worked up in 3 color rows. I am so loving this yarn, its an excellent buy, only a tad expensive. Costs about HKD 48 per 50g ball. But its for the boy and its worth it!

So my lovely friends, what have you been up to? Any new starts, any projects off the hook? Would love to hear from you as always:)

Have a great week ahead and happy crafting!

Oct 6, 2012

Divine Hat and then there were none :(

Good morning my beautiful lovelies!

How are you this Saturday? My world is just grudging on. Kids-house work-cooking-kids-sleep-home work-cooking some more-cleaning - kinda sums up my life these days :)

Autumn is here, atleast in the blogger-land. I am seeing Fall pictures, pumpkins and maple leaves on most of the blogging sites. We do not have any specific Fall season in India. Neither do we celebrate Halloween and general autumn festival spirit. But after moving to Hong Kong i am loving the weather and the entire atmosphere it brings along. An expectant feel, a longing for the celebrations ahead, waiting for the festivities to begin i assume. Be it Christmas or more specific to Hong Kong - the Chinese Lunar New Year. Well, i am waiting for one thing - the SALES!! Let the shopping begin. The best thing about the season is the food and the shopping!

Now for some crochet stuff :)

Keeping in mind the coming winter months i hooked up this hat for my princess. It is very simple pattern but with beautiful results. Also a good pattern to practice your FPDC's and BPDC's.

 It is very sunny still over here and i am not complaining. I am a very sunny person and personally hate the colder months. But being a crocheter its good as i can hook so many stuff for the kids and the home too :)

You can find the pattern HERE.

If you remember i started on my Giant Granny Patch blanket. You can read about it HERE.
Now i am done with 14 colors ie 504 little 3 round squares :)

Here they are, all stacked up and neated sitting, waiting to become a lovely blanket.
The bad news is i am out of yarn. No more StyleCraft DK. I have ordered 4 more colors to make up the magic 672 squares.So till the mail man comes with the precious parcel i am left on tender hooks - literally!! I have not thought of a new crochet project. I have also ordered Laura Cotton Yarn in India which my MIL has kindly consented on getting for me. So till then, I HAVE NO YARN!!! How did i get into this mess....:( I need to up my stash ASAP!!!

So my lovely people, hope you all have a great weekend. Looking forward to hear your lovely words as always!

Keep smiling, stay calm and hook along:)

Oct 3, 2012

For the love of Fabric

Hello my lovely people!

How have you all been. Firstly I'd like to welcome my new fellow bloggers and lovely friends!

Emma from Emma @ The Blooming Times - Has a great and quirky sense of writing and an amazing taste of colors and crochet projects.
Kellie Prince - do let me know if you blog
Preeti from Creat - E - witty Unleashed - Very creative and lovely person. Love the name of your blog and what reads below it!
and the lovely lady from Colher de mel.

Hope you guys enjoy your stay @ my Diaper world.

Boy time flies!! We had a 4 day long weekend in Hong kong. There was the Hong Kong National day and the Chinese mid-autumn festival. A good break for the kids and the Banker. Not so good for me!! he he. No complaints tho, we had a fab time. Celebrated a birthday, watched awesome fireworks, spent good time with the kids, just doing bits and pieces and generally catching up with family time. I did manage to sneak out yesterday for a fabric therapy and look what i found!

I know i am crazy! What was i thinking, i don't even have a sewing machine and i keep collecting these awesome fabrics. I had to literally pull myself away from the shop, least i get kicked out of my own home by Banker for crowding the already crowded craft/Sanskrit/winter-ware/luggage cupboard!! :)

Ever since i saw these Fabric covered boxes @ According to Matt.. space i was itching to have a go at them. Found the Kassett boxes at IKEA. IKEA is my latest favorite place to hang out. Their catalouge and products are very good, attractively priced and boy! they have an awesome collection of everything you need for your home under the sun:)

 So this is what my plain white boxes became after the fabric makeover.

 A really simple project.
You just need the right fabric, some craft glue and a pair of scissors.

 This one is my favorite.
 The vintage boxes look lovely don't you think?

A box for all the odds and ends you want in your house, but cannot leave it in plain sight. Go ahead and made some. Get creative, Get high!

A happyily, hopping, creatively satisfied me :)
Have an awesome week my beautiful readers and keep well.


Little Miss turns 3!

My princess turned 3! She looks all grown up and out of her toddler-hood. She chatters non stop with me, calls mamma mamma i dont know how many times. Goes to school, eats her own food, cleans up after using the bathroom and brushes on her own. Still needs me to rock her to sleep, to select her dress and to convince her of life in general! The last 3 years have been a blurrrr of activity and rushing to keep up with life. Waiting for the entire lifetime now :)

 Mummy made cake and Miss made decorations on it!

 The scooter she had been promised for her birthday. Ballons are an added treat.
Happy Birthday my princess and long may you live!