Oct 6, 2012

Divine Hat and then there were none :(

Good morning my beautiful lovelies!

How are you this Saturday? My world is just grudging on. Kids-house work-cooking-kids-sleep-home work-cooking some more-cleaning - kinda sums up my life these days :)

Autumn is here, atleast in the blogger-land. I am seeing Fall pictures, pumpkins and maple leaves on most of the blogging sites. We do not have any specific Fall season in India. Neither do we celebrate Halloween and general autumn festival spirit. But after moving to Hong Kong i am loving the weather and the entire atmosphere it brings along. An expectant feel, a longing for the celebrations ahead, waiting for the festivities to begin i assume. Be it Christmas or more specific to Hong Kong - the Chinese Lunar New Year. Well, i am waiting for one thing - the SALES!! Let the shopping begin. The best thing about the season is the food and the shopping!

Now for some crochet stuff :)

Keeping in mind the coming winter months i hooked up this hat for my princess. It is very simple pattern but with beautiful results. Also a good pattern to practice your FPDC's and BPDC's.

 It is very sunny still over here and i am not complaining. I am a very sunny person and personally hate the colder months. But being a crocheter its good as i can hook so many stuff for the kids and the home too :)

You can find the pattern HERE.

If you remember i started on my Giant Granny Patch blanket. You can read about it HERE.
Now i am done with 14 colors ie 504 little 3 round squares :)

Here they are, all stacked up and neated sitting, waiting to become a lovely blanket.
The bad news is i am out of yarn. No more StyleCraft DK. I have ordered 4 more colors to make up the magic 672 squares.So till the mail man comes with the precious parcel i am left on tender hooks - literally!! I have not thought of a new crochet project. I have also ordered Laura Cotton Yarn in India which my MIL has kindly consented on getting for me. So till then, I HAVE NO YARN!!! How did i get into this mess....:( I need to up my stash ASAP!!!

So my lovely people, hope you all have a great weekend. Looking forward to hear your lovely words as always!

Keep smiling, stay calm and hook along:)


  1. The hat is really lovely.I would love to wear one like that.

    And hooking up over 500 squares in such a short time with two little kiddos. Oh my... Wonder when I reach this point. Well in my mind I've reached it and am pondering about ordering more Stylecraft.... especially with the 20% off Deramores offers now. Well, at least I've a few projects to keep my hands busy although my ripple will be finished in a few days...

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thanks Maree, i am also so very tempted by the Stylecraft yarn. Go ahead and order them, instant gratification i guess:)

  2. What a gorgeous looking hat and lovely colours!! You are right, I too miss all this autumn and spring talk that all other bloggers have. Sadly we do not have such celebrations in India. :( Where have you placed your order for Laura?

    1. Thanks Sangeetha! Laura is from the usual suspect - Pradhan Embroidery stores. Don't you wish we were in UK and we could get all the yummy yarn sans the expensive postage? If pigs could fly...*sigh*

    2. Sorry Sangeetha! I do not agree to this, we do have Diwali coming up! :) Then many more like Sankranti , Holi etc. which are loads full of colors and decorations and fun too! In fact India has more festival holidays and celebrations than any other countries:)

      Since we celebrate everything globally now, let's have our friends know a bit about Diwali etc. also, I guess it will be fun to share with all and they too will be happy to know about it! You have spend quite some time on blog land now and have a good reach to everyone. Why don't you start a link party or something for Diwali! :) we will help you.

      What do you say Rajeswari?

    3. Totally agree with you, India is know for its culture, heritage and vibrant festivals - be it the colorful Holi or the festival of lights or the ever enlightening Ganesha Chaturti!We could definitely team up and host some kind of party for the coming festive season in India :)

      Coming to my post, what i meant was more on the weather side and all things Fall - especially Pumpkins, maple leaves and the color orange. Well, weather wise or other wise i would not trade Diwali for any other thing ;)

    4. Yes I too like admiring new things and sharing globally as per your post! In fact I told the same to Kara that my daughter enjoys Halloween with her friends; the kids are globally compatible and we too love indulging with them. Just that reading about we don't have celebrations in India itched my fingers a bit and increased the volumes of your blog comments :)) I hope Sangeetha doesnt mind ;) else we need to plan a trip to Ahmedabad:)))

      Chalo ab comments chain bas karti hoon nahi to tum mujhe block kar dogi;)))

  3. Nice hat Rajeswari!:) You are lucky that your daughter likes wearing that; it is very difficult to get my daughter into a full sleeves top or put on some scarf even if there is a slight chill in air!

    1. Same with my girl. But it gets really cold here, about 5-6 degrees so she needs to wear :)

  4. the hat is soo cute! I cannot imagine living without yarn, so I truly feel for you. Hope the yarn reaches you super fast.

  5. cute hat , and omg .. no yarn ? almost a catastrophe ;) i just found your blog , and i m amazed about your creations , so you got a follower more :P

  6. Those squares look divine! <3


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