Oct 11, 2012

Oops! I knitted :)

Hello my lovely bloggers!

Hope you are all keeping well and join me in welcoming my new friends

Sharon Braxton of From my Front Porch - love the title of your blog and all your adventures! 
Esthi777, Janusa,Timinou,Jacintha and Sandy - please let me know if you blog so that i can link back and share the crafting passion :)
Pearlin J from Knottyville - she has an awesome blog and some must do crochet bag projects!

Also Thankyou dear Maree for the lovely "Liebster award"! 

Maree has a wonderful blog and both of us have embarked on the Granny Patch Blanket inspired from Sandra of Cherry Heart

Now there are certain rules to follow when you get this award.
* Explain 11 things about you
* Answer the 11 questions about yourself
* Choose 11 blogs and name in the post
* Follow the blog of the person which awarded ​​you
* Visit at least three blogs awarded by this blog

Continue at your own risk!!

11 things about me:

*I am the only child of my parents
*I lived all my life in Bangalore and now in Hong Kong to support my Banker hubby.
*I hate cockroaches, actually petrified of them!!
*Love dark orange chocolate
*Love the late hours compared to the early mornings
*Can drive my car real fast even on Indian roads
*Have a fetish for all things red
*Stuck with creative anxiety disorder - need to do all things creative!!
*Cannot rest till i complete what i have in mind
*Love mushrooms and spicy food
*Cannot do without strong cup of coffee as soon as i get up
*Suffer from Obsessive compulsive disorder!

Hope you guys are still my friends :))

Now, answer to the 11 questions:

* How do you define yourself? Typical Aeries, strong willed and determined!
* What is your favorite dish? Pav Bhaji from Honest :)
* Would you rather cook or you cook? Would love if someone cooks all my meals, i go to the kitchen only bcos i HAVE to!!
* What is your favorite dessert? Tiramisu
* If you had to stay with an ingredient, what would it be? Rice
* What is the best trip I've done?  Trip to Mauritius with just the Banker and me, did i really live w/o kids..man i need to see the snaps again!
* What is the best restaurant you've eaten in? Magnolia in Bangalore - miss it everyday!
* Do you prefer meat or fish?Veggie by birth and nature:)
* What is your favorite cheese? All things sticky and stretchy
* Black or milk chocolate? Black
* What is the worst dish you've tried?hmmm, mainly whatever Banker orders invariable turns against my palate..

Would like to pass this award to all my lovely readers! Each of you have an awesome space and i hope that this creative and crafty passion and friendship lasts a long long while:)

This was fun, hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed typing it.

OK, if you are wondering where is the thing i knitted?

Here i present to you, my first knitted vest for my boy. Time he featured in my blog too, don't want to land in the middle of a sibbling fight here:)

 Yes he loved to tear, pull, throw, climb and fall - basically anything destructive - Typical Boy ! How fascinating right?? ha ha

 The car buttons was something which i had to stitch on:)
 This vest would not have been possible if my dear mother-in-law wasn't with me. She is an awesome knitter and guided me thru every step! It is really difficult to work with 2 needles, also need to see that your stitches don't slip..i will not go to this area. Knitting is not really my cup of tea, but i had to try it to see how it works. My opinion - knitted sweaters are better, crocheted blankets are better!

Some details:
Basic vest pattern can be found HERE. - My MIL modified it highly to get the correct size!
Crochet car applique pattern can be found HERE.

What do you guys feel? Do drop in a word, love to hear from you:)



  1. Congrats Rajeswari on your latest award! The vest is very cute. And the car applique and buttons add the right boyish touch. I know knitting can be such a pain. Suddenly I am all thumbs and so many stitches to look out for! But I totally agree with you that knitting produces a much better fabric,certainly suitable for sweaters etc. Be that as it may I am not giving up my crochet hook...at least not yet. :)

    1. Same here, always faithful to crochet:) Thanks for you comments!

  2. Congrats for the award Rajeswari :) The car appliqué is very cute! Knitting is a tough job; I know basic knitting and few stitches but don't have confidence of balancing so many loops on a needle. I find it easy to manage one loop in crochet:) lucky you to have a knitting wizard at home, your MIL:)

    1. Also crochet you never "drop" stitches. That was my biggest problem :(

  3. I love the vest. I think I need to search my stash for a suitable yarn, there is a toddler who desperately needs one like that (thinks his mom - me *gg*)

    The buttons are adorable btw!

    1. Thanks maree, again, love your blanket, cant get it out of my head:)

  4. Thanks for the welcome and Congratulations for the Award...
    The Vest is so Lively and personalized with your son's Favorite toy a CAR.. I am sure he must be loving it.. :)

    Knitting has only two stitches knit and purl.. but Still its difficult..I tried to learn from my mom.. but in vain :(may be someday and My MOM and MIL both are awesome knitters...

    Keep Shining :)

    1. thanks Archana, looking forward to read more about your crafty adventures.

  5. Thank you so much for the kind welcome and the sweet words. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. I love your blog and that knitted vest.....oh my goodness. What an adorable little thing. The car applique is so cute and the car buttons are just perfect. I don't knit, love my crocheting, but think you are brave to try it. Congrats on the award.


    1. Thanks Sharon,
      I know about the brave part. Need to be sometimes for good, soft, handmade sweater love. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thank you for the warmest welcome! I love the little vest! It looks great! Knitting is not my thing either. I've tried and tried and I just can't wrap my brain around it. I think I'll just stick with crochet :) I do have a little blog that I just started called "Through the eyes of a Domestic Goddess" that's www.throughtheeyesofadomesticgoddess.blogspot.com LOL! A mouthful, I know! I love it if you stopped by, thanks again!


  7. Thank you for nice welcome! You have beautiful blog! Your vest looks very well! Nice days! Janusa

  8. Hello lovely to hear all about you, amd what a sweet vest for the little man! cute car buttons. Enjoy the Autumn, Heather x

  9. Thanks you for warm welcome :) I was already following your blog via google reader then decided to join here also .The vest is supercute.Love the car applique and buttons ! Needless to say your little man looks adorable in it!

  10. Thank you, Rajeswari, for mentioning me! Congratulations!

  11. Congratualtions

    I with you there on the fear of cockroaches....gastly things and they are extra big here ugh! I'm also a night bird.....early mornings are sooo difficult for me LOL!
    How cute and such a lovely red ... the car and buttons just right as the finishing touch!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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