Oct 3, 2012

For the love of Fabric

Hello my lovely people!

How have you all been. Firstly I'd like to welcome my new fellow bloggers and lovely friends!

Emma from Emma @ The Blooming Times - Has a great and quirky sense of writing and an amazing taste of colors and crochet projects.
Kellie Prince - do let me know if you blog
Preeti from Creat - E - witty Unleashed - Very creative and lovely person. Love the name of your blog and what reads below it!
and the lovely lady from Colher de mel.

Hope you guys enjoy your stay @ my Diaper world.

Boy time flies!! We had a 4 day long weekend in Hong kong. There was the Hong Kong National day and the Chinese mid-autumn festival. A good break for the kids and the Banker. Not so good for me!! he he. No complaints tho, we had a fab time. Celebrated a birthday, watched awesome fireworks, spent good time with the kids, just doing bits and pieces and generally catching up with family time. I did manage to sneak out yesterday for a fabric therapy and look what i found!

I know i am crazy! What was i thinking, i don't even have a sewing machine and i keep collecting these awesome fabrics. I had to literally pull myself away from the shop, least i get kicked out of my own home by Banker for crowding the already crowded craft/Sanskrit/winter-ware/luggage cupboard!! :)

Ever since i saw these Fabric covered boxes @ According to Matt.. space i was itching to have a go at them. Found the Kassett boxes at IKEA. IKEA is my latest favorite place to hang out. Their catalouge and products are very good, attractively priced and boy! they have an awesome collection of everything you need for your home under the sun:)

 So this is what my plain white boxes became after the fabric makeover.

 A really simple project.
You just need the right fabric, some craft glue and a pair of scissors.

 This one is my favorite.
 The vintage boxes look lovely don't you think?

A box for all the odds and ends you want in your house, but cannot leave it in plain sight. Go ahead and made some. Get creative, Get high!

A happyily, hopping, creatively satisfied me :)
Have an awesome week my beautiful readers and keep well.



  1. I am mesmerised with these boxes! How can you create so many beautiful things while taking care of two kids? Hats off to you!:)

    Glueing fabric is a good idea, but does it stay for a long on containers of any material? Mine are large plastic containers, so not sure how it works.

    And yes, thank you for linking me and for those kind words :)

    1. Hey Preeti! Yes its a bit difficult with 2 constant demanding children not to forget the husband:) but i have a full time maid so its a tad bit better.

      Not very sure if gluing would work for plastic. It has worked very well for cloth and cardboard. Maybe you can use shoe-boxes as well! Do try and let me know..

  2. Hi Rajeshwari, The boxes have turned out very beautiful! I, too am inspired by Matt and intend to make some boxes soon.
    Best wishes to your little princess.

  3. what a great make-over for the boxes. They will look very decorative. I can't stop buying fabric either! It's my tipple! happy birthday to little miss! Heather x


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