Oct 9, 2012

Features and 1 for my Little Man

Good morning my beautiful friends!

How are you? Did you guys enjoy your weekend? A bit of house work, a dollop of child's play, a bob of crochet and bits of blogger-land?. They say that weekends are to de-stress and enjoy. Try telling that to a home-maker with 2 small kids and a hubby grown up equally stubborn kid! Running from here to there, always answering to "mamma", "mamma" Well that's how it was here in my Diaper-land :)

But i had a great surprise waiting for me...
On Friday, dear Kara @ Petals and Picots featured my Princess Bolero. My first ever wearable crochet it was and i was thrilled to be featured on her blog. The link is HERE.

On Saturday when i was browsing through the blogs on my Reader's list, i saw a snap of my Giant Granny Patch Blanket from Annemarie's Blog. No, it can't be i thought, clicked anyways and surprise!! I was on her Link Party too!! 2 in a row, it made my crochet day!! I was a thrilled, happy and so lucky to have such a creative hobby!! Don't you think Crochet is so wonderful and healing? I read somewhere that it is also one of the very few needle crafts that cannot be replicated by a machine..So hurrah's for all us crocheters!!

I have made much more for my girl than my son, mainly because she is a girl! and crochet items are more for the girl or home - at-least the ones i do :) You can pretty up a girl's dress with flowers, butterflies, laces, buttons, bows and what not. But there is a limit to what you can do with boys stuff. Even in any dress store, i see soo many varieties for girls and also colors. But for boys its always the boring blues, whites, greens or max yellow and orange.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings.. This is my next project.

 I did manage to find the awesome Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk yarn in the bottom of my yarn box. I had bought these 3 colors for making a stripe vest for my boy. I have started off and here's a look at the first few rows. Its alternating FPDC and BPDC worked up in 3 color rows. I am so loving this yarn, its an excellent buy, only a tad expensive. Costs about HKD 48 per 50g ball. But its for the boy and its worth it!

So my lovely friends, what have you been up to? Any new starts, any projects off the hook? Would love to hear from you as always:)

Have a great week ahead and happy crafting!


  1. A blog-full of congratulations for being the shining star of two link parties!:)) double dhamaka:)

    The wool is really nice, and the pattern for your little man is lovely! :)

    Yes, that's a problem that we do not have enough crochet ideas for boys. And they don't play with soft toys either. I have seen in a magazine a denim like mixed Colored yarn, that too you can use with some pattern of Ferrari or Doraemon to embellish. He is still small so he won't realize that crochet is for girls;) you can try a crochet wrist watch also for him.

  2. Hey Good Morning..!!Thats A Lovely Day to start isnt it?? and it really motivates to do some more and more !!

  3. Congrats! Congrats! Love the scarf you made for little man.love the colours

  4. Uuuh, that yarn is on my list of yarns to buy. Happy to hear that it's worth the money.

    And congrats for being featured! I have something to add and awarded your blog. Here is the link: http://mareelovescolour.blogspot.de/2012/10/its-tuesday-again.html

  5. Qué bonito queda!
    Los colores son preciosos.
    Un cariño

  6. Hi Rajeswari, Congratulations! Great colours for the little man. I am sure he will love the vest even if he does know that "crochet is for girls". Looking forward to the finished project. So far wearable crochet has not worked out for me. Also the weather here does not really call for gloves, scarves or sweaters!


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