Oct 3, 2012

Little Miss turns 3!

My princess turned 3! She looks all grown up and out of her toddler-hood. She chatters non stop with me, calls mamma mamma i dont know how many times. Goes to school, eats her own food, cleans up after using the bathroom and brushes on her own. Still needs me to rock her to sleep, to select her dress and to convince her of life in general! The last 3 years have been a blurrrr of activity and rushing to keep up with life. Waiting for the entire lifetime now :)

 Mummy made cake and Miss made decorations on it!

 The scooter she had been promised for her birthday. Ballons are an added treat.
Happy Birthday my princess and long may you live!


  1. Wish your princess a very very happy birthday ! :) what is her name?

  2. Happy Happy birthday to little Miss all the way from Spain :-)

    3 years old ...how sweet!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to your little Princess. :)

    Keep a close eye on her because they grow so fast - (my little princess is 30 years old.)

  4. I have no children, but I always LOVED what my SIL did for her 3 kids . . . She would decorate the house the night before their birthday, after they went to bed. Then, when they woke up, they could tell the "Birthday Queen" had been there. . . . that's what your decorations reminded me of . . and it is a great memory.


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