Mar 20, 2014

Spring Bunting Ta-daah!!

I have been waiting and wanting so much to show you guys this little piece of crocheting from so many days. There was not much of light fit for photographing these little triangles...

Without much i give you my Spring Bunting..


 The pom poms and the flower beads are "extra details" on request by my little miss..

The buttons...oh love the buttons :)

There it is, one lovely bunting on the wall of my room ... It adds a great dash of color to my room. The kids love it and have fun naming the colors.

The crochet granny triangles are from a pattern HERE.

Here's wishing you a happy Spring 2014. Cheers to summer, salads, mock tails and lots of fun in the sun!!



  1. Lovely bunting. Those buttons and flowers are so cute. I am so jealous, I am fed up of hunting for such goodies here...with no luck. Maybe on my next trip to Mumbai.
    Love, and hugs for the little peeps :)

  2. This is beautiful. I like the little flowers and the many small details that you have used. Spring can come.


  3. so colourful!!!! so happy !!!! great bunting, my dear!
    happy spring to you, too!!!1
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. Fabulous shots of colour, spring has sprung!!

  5. Oh wow!! it's so lovely. The pattern, colours, buttons....everything is just gorgeous!!

    Lluisa xx

  6. It's so pretty with the flowers and the button detail, I love the little pompoms they make a great finishing touch. :)

  7. I LOVE it and all it's crazy detail. Jo x

  8. Wooow!! What a fantastic bunting ♥. Great colors and so pretty embellishments, especially the cute buttons :-). Really great job, Rajeswari! Happy Spring to you, too :D

  9. Hi Rajeshwari!
    what can I say? The bunting is superb! I can see that you somehow miss Indian colourful culture! :) This bunting will brighten up your room! I LOVE the buttons!

    Happy spring and happy week ahead!

    P.S. could you suggest any Chinese website to order buttons and other such stuff online?

  10. very colourful bunting! loved all the detailing to it. wheres it hung ? on your lil miss room?

  11. It makes me feel so happy! Great job as it really does look like spring!

  12. Gorgeous bunting - I really like all the little extra details.

  13. Wow!! That is so sweet and colorful !! :) lovely job!! Did you make the pom-poms yourself? They look so neat and bushy.
    I have been away from crafting for quite a while. Planning to shift to new flat in May.

  14. I nominated you for a Liebster Award - you can read about it here:

  15. please add print friendly button and get an fb page for your work! they r really awesome!!


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