Nov 2, 2012

Good news and Bad news

Hello my lovely people!

How are you guys doing? Hope all is sunny and bright(at least the last few sunny days before winter sets in)! I have missed blogging and not been able to post much. Reasons follow...

Good news - My MIL is here, this means lotsa shopping albeit windows :), lotsa eating junk, lotsa seeing murder and mystery series and in general great to have an adult company!
Bad news - My full time helper has gone back to her hometown for a 2 month break. This translates into me doing the house hold chores and oh boy they are endless! Also translates into very less hooky and fun time for me :(( Sigh..i am managing!

Good news - Have pieced together almost 2/3rds of my Giant Granny Patch blanket both horizontally and vertically. I decided to use a SC in back loops. Was i even in any frame of mind? Rather did i even have a mind when i decided this?? But its my favorite way of joining squares. You can find the method HERE .
Bad news - I am out of yarn again and am slowly working on completing the remaining part of joining my squares.

Good news - I got my stash of Laura Knitting Cotton from India.
Bad news - Not able to even think of doing a project with it, thanks to my total lack of time!!

I am having so so so many ideas in my mind for using the Laura Cotton - so many that i just shut out that part of my brain and put a self timed lock of 2 months (till my helper comes back)

Good news - My little miss won her first prize in her school Halloween dress-up competition. She is the cutest little orange witch for me :)
Bad news - Hey!! none wrt the kids..

With small kids i have realized that no full time helper = not much crochet time! Might not be posting or making as much as i would like with my hook. But hey that can wait right? Will be back more often once the usual routine sets in. Till then, do take care and keep hooking and keep blogging. Will definitely be checking all your lovely blogs for inspiration and crochet instant gratification :)



  1. The blanket is coming along great! Loving the colors and loving the pictures of your little witch :). I completely understand not having much time to do hooking and crafty things because family takes up so much time. You think the older they get the more time you might have but what happens is they add to the madness by bring their friends home, lol! So we just have to take snippets of time here and there for ourselves when we can. Hope you find some time to complete your blanket. Can't wait to see the end result!

    Xx Cat

  2. Good to hear from you again ! Congrats to your daughter ! She is looking lovely :) Good to see the blanket project progressing despite your hectic schedule !

  3. Your blanket looks amazing! Wish I was that far, but I'm still somewhere between 250 and 300 squares and realized that I will have to make it bigger than Sandra's version as my bed seems to be bigger (although it is like hers a King Size... hm maybe there are different King Sizes...). And I know how endless chores can be *sigh* my only help is Little Guy's Great-Grandmother who babysits once a week for a couple of hours... but these are my university hours... Wish I had a helper like you... and these two months are going to be over fast!

    Oh, and did you see that there is a Stylecraft Sale at Deramores currently? Good chance to stock up at a decent price (cause there is also a coupon for another 10% off: rav2012)

  4. My God, How sweet young girl she is....:)) Big kisses for her.. And also your blanket seems amazing..:))
    All best wishes...

  5. Your blanket is beautiful you must be nearly finished by now. Congratulations to your sweet little daughter she looks so cute :)

  6. enjoy your visitor, maybe you can squeeze in a bit of crochet here and there, I guess you have to become good at putting it down!! ha, not so easy of course. Good luck, Heather x

  7. The blanket is cute. how many squares did you do to make this and what is the size. Laura knitting thread is a heavier/thick thread and what is the hook size you followed


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