Dec 7, 2012

Kusudama Flowers Wreath and a new craft love

Hello my dear friends and fellow bloggers!!

How are you guys, i am really missing all the fun and action of blogging thanks to my domestic crisis...but but the end is near..i have less than a month to go now till i can craft more and hook even more! My giant granny blanket is still waiting for me patiently and i am just controlling the urge to put everything else down and have a go at it...**sigh**

Anyways...coming back, are you guys getting sucked in the Christmas Festivities and Jolly Season? Though our family does not celebrate this festival as per our religion i always enjoy this festival. I studied in a convent school and we used to have Christmas plays and i used to soo look forward to those events. Also the carol singing part was my favorite! Times have changed and now i am an adult and a mom so i enjoy the discounts and the sales. Best time of the year to pick up great deals in HK. My favorite brands all on 50% off and the whole decorations and lights makes me cherry and happy. Also the weather is getting colder here, ideal for lotsa n lotsa crocheting therapy! Just missing a fire:)

My girl's school had a christmas hanging 3D decoration competition and this is what i came up with!

These are the Japanese Kusudama Flowers. Done from paper - Origami is my new craft love. It is really amazing what you can do with paper. I rarely do paper craft these days as it is a bit difficult with toddlers around. But stayed up one night and finished this. This was originally my mother-in-law's idea and i am happy to have been able to execute it. I had lotsa fun making this wreath. Did the flowers by following the instructions HERE.

 Made a wreath base from therm-col sheets.  Wrapped the base in brown stretchable crepe paper. Did the flowers and pierced a hole to glue them on the wreath. Tied 2 bows and lo and behold! A simple and so beautiful piece. You must try these flowers. They are very very addictive :)

Let the festivities and shopping begin! Have a great season ahead and much more to come!!



  1. lovely Rajeswri! I have seen these but have yet to try them. I have to chuckle at your term domestic crisis! meaning no crochet time. But you are always the creative! Heather x

  2. Very beautiful flowers! My daughter makes lots of them:) For origami, you can also visit
    There are lots of fun items and easy videos. This link is my daughter's favourite:)

    1. You do have a very creative daughter! Thanks for the web-site link, will deff be making some from them for my girl!

  3. First, the wreath is wonderful! Very beautiful and i love the flower son it. Glad you celebrate Christmas too,I really like when people don't stay in the frames of their religion or culture. It makes life diverse. Have a happy weekend and looking forward to see you crochet soon:)Anna

    1. thanks! One must celebrate all the good things in life i feel, irrespective of the religion :)

    2. Precisely!:) And by the way, there is an award for you in my blog:)

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