Jan 16, 2013

Little Man Vest

Hello my lovely people!

How is this Wednesday morning looking? We are having a pretty sunny winter here (thank-god for that!) A warm welcome to all my new followers. Hope you enjoy your peek into my Diaper-world here in blogger-land!!

Last week when i opened my home-page i was so excited and surprised to see my Giant Granny Blanket being featured in Annemarie's Haakblog: Link Your Stuff! I was super thrilled and happy to read all your lovely comments, it definitely motivates me and keeps me going :)

Having 2 kids - a boy and girl - is a really good combination. You can experience the best of both worlds. My girl has her own tantrums and my boy is super duper active. They really melt the hours into days and days into months! Its great fun tho..But i always end up crocheting for my girl. There are just soo many options right for them? I wanted to correct it by hooking something up for my boy. Here's what i came up with...

You may remember  when i began this vest some months back. I started doing this to take a break from blanket squares making.

For anyone who is interested in working up a vest i used this simple pattern measurements. The size is for 6(12,18,24) months.

You can always work up the calculations and adjust the gunge on your own. The pattern is a simple FPDC and BPDC worked alternatively. I have used 3 colors and altered after ever row. Hope this was useful!

 The back of it..
 Used some bright yellow buttons from my stash to close this up..

 ..and here's my man in this vest! I am super happy with the way this fitted on him. I had intended it to be an inner-ware so its perfect for it and it fits him snugly!

 here is his, giving you guys a flying kiss :)
My ever drooling boy in a hand made vest just for him!

Hope you guys enjoyed it. I will be back tomorrow with some new news..Keep watching this space for a yarn bombing tomorrow :)

Lotsa love,


  1. Super-cute guy! My kisses for him,flying and coming his way. Let me know when they reach. :))
    Very nice vest. I want to try my hand at clothings too, for my little guy and biggest admirer.
    Nice clicks!
    Take care and enjoy the day! :)

  2. hi, Rajeshwari! Your son is adorable! And now he is proud to have a made with love vest:) it turned out grat!well, i guess i won't be crocheting for kids for the next couple of years...:) but i already stored some lovely patterns for girls and boys!
    you deserve to be featured! that blanket it still on my mind - it's really awesome!
    have a great day!

  3. Forgot to congratulate you on the feature. Your hard work deserved it! Congratulations! :)
    I just posted my Liebster blog award post.Please hop on to http://weaverbirdie.blogspot.in/2013/01/liebster-award.html

  4. oh very smart, it worked out well didn't it? cute guy! Heather x

  5. The vest is looking just super. Love the coordinated buttons. You find time to crochet even with two little ones on hand, really commendable! I wish I was not working full time when my son was young. I never made anything for the poor chap. Congrats on the feature. Looking forward to your new project.

  6. Very beautiful and the colours super!!!!I love it!!!Kisses!!!

  7. really cute vest! fits him perfectly

  8. Very nice vest and it fits perfectly on your sweet little man! :) congrats for the feature!! Curious about the new news :)

  9. Wow! Your vest is gorgeous! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! And what a cute little boy you have too :) so sweet!

  10. cute as your little man... ;o)

  11. Awww! :) That is too cute! :D Hope that Members Only Jackets for Men would also design stuffs for toddlers. :D


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