Feb 11, 2013

Outstanding Orchids

Hellllo my lovely dearies!

Good morning to you all and a happy chinese new year 2013 :)

Thankyou all my friends for wishing me so well and being part of my blogging happiness.

We had been on a holiday and boy it was soo relaxing...ahh..well not so very relaxing as having 2 small ones in hand means lotsa running and fun too. But it was great to be away from home. Yes, i did not crochet...but it was a welcome break :)

Singapore was our destination solely voted because it is kid friendly and a lot like HK. This post is about a beautiful garden - The Singapore Botanical Gardens. Indeed it is a very beautiful and mesmerising spot. My favourite in this city and you can see for yourself why...

Beautiful stunning awesome orchids in every imaginable color. A true feast for your eyes. This is a must visit for anyone who does Singapore.There was a dream wedding set present too. What a great place and backdrop for an unforgettable wedding right?

 My little miss, posing for her mommy.
We did the Singapore flyer in the night. Hmm...it was not such great event as i much prefer the HongKong skyline to Singapore's. Hongkong is probably the best skyline in the world mainly because of the amalgamation of sea, skyscrappers and mountain all in one frame!

Hope you enjoyed the orchids today. Will be back tomorrow with more clicks tomorrow and also some interesting information about the Lion City - Singapore:)

Have a great time and keep crafting.

PS: Have started a new colorful hooky adventure. Cannot wait to show it to you guys....


  1. Hi, Rajeshwari!
    Welcome back to Hong Kong! :)
    You had a lovely trip as I can see. Those flowers in the garden are indeed so beautiful, you took perfect pictures - captured their colors and shapes very well!
    you daughter looks cute in those sunglasses:)

  2. lovely to have some time away Rajeshwari! these are places I have never been or seen! Heather x

  3. Beautiful flower pics! And of course family too:)
    We have a big botanical gardens here around 1 km from my home. It has many rare species of plants. We go for morning walk there:)

  4. Such beautiful orchids! Your took great pictures.
    You're right, that garden is perfect for a wedding.

  5. Beautiful flowers and lovely clicks! Your trips must have been fun. Loved your family pic, lovely kids, nicely posing for the clicks! :)


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