Sep 19, 2013

DIY Yarn Lights

Ok my friends!

I have officially lost it. Can you find it anywhere? Any store where it is  available at a discount or a buy 1 get 1 free offer?? Any advice on how to regain it back? Have you lovely people been in this position before? In case you are still with me.. and want to find out what I have lost.. here goes nothing..

and also I do not understand what my kids want anymore..
I always knew raising 2 small kids would be a challenge, but now a days my little man is in his terrible two's and my little princess hasn't yet grown up from her terrible two's! Its been so frustrating for me as a mother. I really don't know sometimes if I am doing the right thing. Is it more important that they follow rules or eat their food? I am trying to get my girl to eat on her own and that is requiring a lot of effort. My son just refuses to sit in one place even for 5 minutes!! Why are their batteries always fully charged?? Uff!!

 Anyways, I remember to take a deep breath and imagine that they will grow up and I will laugh about this post :) SO coming back to my crafty pursuits, I had done this with all the spare yarn. More specifically cotton threads with me.

I followed this link HERE and a bit of my own research and experiments to make this lantern lights. Added a string of lights inside to complete the picture.

This was done for my son's school - DIY Lantern from Recycled materials. It is a very VERY messy affair to do it. But the results are just amazing. Go ahead and have some fun, try to include your kiddo in this process, I am sure they will have a blast!

So I am off to set my house straight...It really looks like a hurricane crashed into it ..he he!

Hope you have a pleasant weekend ahead. We have a long weekend here for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Did I say long weekend, yes 3 days of 3 (2+ 1 hubby) kids all the time in the house...ahhhh.. wish me LUCK!!!



  1. Hi Rajeswari. I understand what you're going through with your children - been there, done that. But like you said, they will grow so fast and before you know it they'll be grown and on their own.

    I love the lights you made - they're real nice. :)

  2. Your lights look awesome !! :) it is creditable that you manage crafty time in between busy motherly duties.
    Your daughter will still take sometime to do her own things. She is small. Even now, at the age of 10, my daughter takes 30 min for breakfast and 40-50 minutes for dinner which drives me crazy. So let it go, do not struggle to much to put things right daily. Do once in a while, things fall naturally in place sometimes. Another option, delegate one of your terribly frustrating duties to your hubby;)
    Rearing kids is ongoing process. Once they grow up, it will relieve you of physical stress but there would be new ones like teenage troubles etc....not scaring you....just relax...let it go :)

  3. It's a challenge that's for sure those twos.....but it does pass, keep your cool, be firm but fair and you will get through them, promise! Love those lights.....keep crafting, it will keep you sane! :) x

  4. your yarn lights are really nice!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  5. Your lights are so pretty! I have been there many years ago but in my case it was 3 little darlings, by the time number 4 came along the others had all grown quite a bit and he was no bother at all. I know you will have heard it all before but as you say just take a deep breath and enjoy it while it lasts because when they have all grown you will wish these years back again I know I do. :)

  6. I do't have kids yet.. can i try this project anyway? :P
    If seriously, you nailed it, Rajeswari! And I am so much inspired to make such lights.. :)
    I hope you will find way of getting things right, I can imagine how difficult it is to bring up two small kids!

  7. I feel you! And I LOVE the lights! Thanks for linking up on Hookin On Hump Day!

  8. Sending you a big sunshine to brighten the difficult mummy days :D. I can really understand how you feel and I'm sure every mother can. My son is 11 years old, so toddler age is some time ago and he's growing from child to teenager now. Problems don't disappear, they only change ;-). Every age has its difficulties, but - and that's the good thing: Also its positive sides! So try to enjoy the beautiful moments and take their good energy to get through the worse days ;-). All the best!! Oh and my compliments on your lights garland, it's really beautiful, well done :-)

  9. Being a mom is a big exhausting job, but seeing them growing up and eat hung their progress is so rewarding you driver all the difficult moments as the great ones come your way...
    May you grow stronger everyday to enjoy all the great moments .
    Live the lights , so pretty and colorful!


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