Jun 21, 2013

Crochet Rainbow Clip Organizer

Can a girl have enough clips?

Can she...no never...Being in one of the fashion capitals i feel there is just too much accessories in HK, heck people even accessorize their accessories here!! Do you know what i mean? Like they buy a smart phone case. And then they decorate it with bling, then they add more cartoons and such stuff to the case. Add some sparkles. They they put the mobile in a pouch, then they add some stuff to the pouch..and then the pouch goes into a LV/Prada/Gucci/Coach bag..!!

But having girls as your kids is so much fun, there is a street in HK known as Fa Yuen Street where you have more than 100 shops just selling clips and hair bands and what nots for girls.. I scumb to temptation and go there once in 2 months ...cos i know i ll just go crazy there and buy too many things..This weekend i had been there and ended up with dozens of hair bands and even more clips..All of them by the end of the day were lying scattered all through the house and my daughter even managed to put allll the clips on her head once!!

I decided to CLEAN and get organized and that's when it struck me! Why does she throw all her clips? She is a girl, she needs to see the entire store before she picks an item :) So i thought, why not make a clip organizer for her clips?

Wanna see it...

Rainbow clip organizer.. Ta-daaah!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you girls...I had so so so much FUN doing this..

It is pretty easy..will let you know how to whip up one in a few hours!!
Get your hook and make your girl this organizer. She will love it :)

My girl says, "Mamma, this is for my clips?"
I say, "Yes, sweety!".
She says, "Wow, its so beautiful, now i can select my clips on my own!"

Ha ha ha..Hurray for small independence :)

My accessories for decorating this piece of joy..

Want to know how to make it??

Yarn :: Rico Creative Design in rainbow shades and cream. But you can use any cotton yarn. I feel cotton is better as it is a decor item.
Hook size :: Matching to your yarn, gauge is really not important here, its more of a fun thing right?
Lots of buttons and beads and cute animals
Some ribbons/ Ric-racs
Sewing needle and thread.

Warning :: A bit of simple sewing is needed. Just to attach the ribbons to make the racks for pinning the clips.

How to make this color blast clip case:

1. Start with a simple chain of 48 stitches. You can do any other width to suit your needs.
2. SC in second chain from hook and SC throughout.
3. Turn, chain 2. SC in next chain and throughout.
4. Repeat step 3 till the piece measures about 1.5 inches.
5. Turn, chain 4. TRC (triple crochet) in the next stitch and through out.
6. Turn, chain 2 and SC throughout.
7. Repeat step 6 till piece measures 1.5 inches.
8. Repeat step 5 again.

Continue this till you get to the length you desire. Its all very simple and flexible. Treat this as a guidline and do your own fun thing basically. I used a row of TRC's in between to loop my ric-racs. Can you see it below? This way, i stitch the ends of the ric racs or ribbons if you wish and i get a row of band to clip the clips! Hope i am talking sense..Else let the picture guide you guys :)

I even made to pockets and added them for storing rubber bands.
Clipped on my clips at the end..Cheeky mommy - thats me for sure!

Hooked bands of SC's and added a button hole on the last row.
Stitched some buttons on and used a hanger to hang it all up!!

Decorate it as you please.
Use other color combinations and stitches, maybe granny squares too..So many options..Sigh!!

On another totally unrelated front, the summer holidays are here and i am SO HAPPY to be going to India!!! Yahoooooooooo... India calling!!

No more cooking...

No more getting up in the mornings..

No more attending to what is missing in the house...

No more wifey duties...

No more running to school to drop/pick up

More of eating my mom's yummy food..

More of sleeping late and just playing with kids..

More of friends and family...

More of shopping..

I am travelling to Bangalore tomorrow and i am yet to start packing... Let alone the cleaning i need to do...So i better rush!

Stay creative, stay happy, feed your family!

Have a great weekend...



  1. The organizer is fabulous!!! Your daughter of course was delighted to get such beauty!

    Aww.. I know how it feels to go home... Have a happy and safe trip, dear! See you later with updates from India!

  2. It's super cute! Have fun in India !

  3. I love it, beautiful and useful!

  4. What a coincidence!! I am making almost similar organizer for my daughter too. Except my colors are different . I got the idea from Internet. Same loops for hanging on hanger :)
    Yours look very lovely and your color choice is very nice!!:) sure your daughter must be enjoying her independence to choose:)
    My daughter has grown up and decides her own colors and I dare not go against her and let my efforts go waste so I am making as per her color choices.
    Wish you happy holidays!! no more blogging or more blogging ? ;)

  5. Oh! my that is such a neat idea!!! In fact that would make a great gift to a little girl covered in lots of different new clips and hair decor bits too.
    Lovely arrangments of colours!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. It looks absolutely amazing! :D So colourful!

  7. sigh....I have boys....so no hair clips, then!!!!
    My boys ended the school today, so we are going to Italy this coming Monday!!!!
    Enjoy your holidays back home, xxxx Ale

  8. A great idea! And I love this!

  9. Great idea to keep your daughters hair clips organized. I just have all of mine sitting in a bowl. It's very pretty and thank you for sharing your pattern. Have a great vacation. :)

  10. Why have I not thought of this?!! we had a clip treasure hunt last weekend and the girl to bring me the most clips, bobbles and bands got a chocolate biscuit - They emerged from everywhere! They both ate biscuits and felt really pleased to be so helpful. I LOVE IT! Jo x


  11. It's brilliant makes me wish I had a little girl so I could make one for her. :)

  12. Oh and have a great holiday!!

  13. Your organizer turned out amazing, this is such a great idea. I love the rainbow colours!
    Have a wonderful and fun holiday!

  14. Wow........!!!!!!!!! What a great idea! Would love to try something like this for my daughters.

  15. Welcome to India! Enjoy your hols. What a time to be at Bangalore! Its cool n breezy n ofcourse raining!

    Lovely organiser. Liked it a lot. Love your colour combo. Its eye catching!!

  16. This is so clever and fantastic! very talented lady! laughing at the image of your daughter wearing all the hair clips at once!! enjoy your time in India, and your family, Heather x

  17. Wow, that's so cute!! ♥ All these colors and details! Great job :-))

  18. so lively, so cute.. great idea, thanks for sharing...


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