Jun 14, 2013

No one can hook just one...

..No i really mean it.

Do you guys have this world famous book? 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton? If you do, then you know where i am coming from.. You simply CANNOT ,for the love of dear god ,settle down on a single square!!

Here is my list of hooking fun from this book :

Oooppssss!! Not this one.. This is the Sunburst Granny from Priscilla's crochet with a great photo tutorial HERE. This is one of my all time favorite and i had to include it!!

This one below in purple shades and the one below it in plain single color..

 #113 Wisteria

#137 Criss Cross

 #16 Waterlily

#81 Sunshine and Showers

African Flower - Another personal favourite from dear Barbara of Made in K-town. Find the great pattern HERE.

#117 Granny in the middle

Now my hands were itching to make a blanket again... The temptation is too great. I have to have a big project going on else i feel restless and the small projects do satisfy my creative urge but i spend hordes of time browsing and then even more time regretting that i browsed so much instead of hooking/crafting!! After many trials and errors i decided i am going to do a sampler blanket. But not an ordinary total sampler blanket. Because i need to have order even in chaos!!!

I need a plan..

I need to know how each square will look..

I need to lay them down and test the combinations..

I need to know which block looks good next to which and in which shade..

I was limited in colors and this is for my princess and she wants it only in PINK N PURPLE!! 

I do not want patterns which are too complex and which need a reading after every round and a counting after every few stitches..

I concluded that i am a crocheter from diagrams and NOT FROM WRITTEN PATTERNS!!

I threw out the idea of a hexagon blanket in muted shades with spots of red, blue, green amidst the greys and browns n tans...

I finally decided on a gingham kind of sampler with 1 row of purple blocks and 1 row of pink blocks, alternating the dark pattern blocks with simpler mostly single shaded blocks..

The pattern squares are below:

The simple , mostly single shaded squares are below...

The pinks are on order from the store..and i am eagerly waiting for my mail!!

These are my favourite blocks for a sampler afghan.. There are n number of pretty blocks out there, but i did not want very holey or lacy ones..at the same time not too solid ones..

I have modified each pattern in the book so that my block measures 5" instead of the 6" in the book.. Again a silly quirk of mine in which i feel a 6" block looks too big for the blanket and i wanted only a max of 5 " block..

How is your crafty space? Do write in as i love reading from you guys :)

PS: Love all of you for such sweet words on my Puff Flower Bag.

Thanks Kara from Petals to Picots for the feature too..You can see it HERE .



  1. I like your plan of attack !!!I also love the gingham pattern idea. I too spend a wee bit to much time browsing as well bit i am totally working on it!

  2. Love the criss-cross that would make a great all over pattern with diamonds running across it, Good colours too. I have finished a tea cosy see here


  3. I do love that book too but as yet I haven't made too many blocks out of it but I will, I love just browsing through the pages. You are like me I have to have a bit of order somewhere when I'm blanket making or it never gets done. I love your choices and idea's and can't wait to see your progress. :)

  4. You're off to a great start - the blanket for your little princess will be lovely. :)

  5. well, have fun with your new big project!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  6. Very pretty squares !! I think it is going to be a lovely blanket :) waiting to see!!

  7. Ooo love the colours, I've made coasters using the same colour way too this week :))

  8. Beautiful squares. waiting for the blanket.
    I have made a pouch after seeing yours and u can have a look at it here:
    Thanks for being for my inspiration.

  9. You are always inspired to do something new, Rajeshwari. I really appreciate your courage :) Lovely squares, I am sure that your creative mind will come with a beautiful idea very soon!

  10. I love how complicated your brain working.. its same here,always in a confused state when comes to things like these. I got a chance to check one of Jan eaton book, n waiting for next sale to grab one.

  11. Oooo those tempting projects! Good luck with your sampler blanket!
    Have a great day!

  12. I have that book too and I know what you mean. Just wish there were a few more hours in the day!! Xx

  13. Super beautiful!! Great colors and patterns. I've got the book, too, and included some of the patterns in a blanket I made some years ago. This book is a must-have, isn't it ;-)


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