Nov 11, 2013

Cosy Times

Today is officially the start of winter here in Hong Kong. It is very windy and there is a chill in the air. Not so cold but a very pleasant chill which makes you want a cuppa, a book and a blanket.

Few things keeping me cozy and comfortable these days...

A new project..a crochet shawl for me...

A cozy corner i planned for months and finally executed! Stuck lotsa stickers with my little miss on rice paper lanterns and hung it up. Also did up a stream of pictures of our family and precious and silly moments together :)

Forgive the crappy clicks as there was literally no light. All the light is thanks to Picasa !

Created a custom banner for my blog. Had a fun morning playing with all my crafty bits while the little ones were off to school :) Bad mommy...!! he he

Did you guys like my new banner?

Also did up a pinboard made of thermocol and fabric sometime back to display the arts and crafts of my little ones..

Whats keeping you cozy and comfy these chilly days?

Love to hear from you as always!



  1. Lovely new banner!!!!
    I like even your shawl!!!! Enjoy your cuppa while crocheting,
    xxxxxx ale

  2. That's a lovely blog header!! :) I am too lazy to change any layout, think it will create lot of issues because while making my blog I did change Java script manually at many places not just widget code snippets.
    Thermocol pin board is a good idea!! I have regular soft board which is full of Anshita's school updates and todo lists.
    A very good start on your shawl!! It will turn out very pretty.

  3. hello Rajeswari
    we all need some quality time...some time to"mess around" with this and fact I think it should be mandatory LOL! I see lots of colour and fun this and that here on your post today.....a bit of fun therapy :-) Very much like the stitch you are using for your new shawl....looks like open shell stitch but perhaps you have another name for it.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. oh your making the shawl! isn't a lovely pattern? very relaxing and addictive!! like the new banner, Heather x

  5. Your new blog header looks very pretty - lots of pretty stuff to look at. I also like the paper lanterns and picture streamer in your cozy corner - they look nice. :)

  6. I love your banner it's very pretty and you are not bad at all we all need fun time. I love the look of your shawl, what a lovely stitch. Long hot drinks, snugly warm pyjama's and crochet keep me cosy. :)

  7. Love the new banner! And the usual question - which yarn are you using for the shawl? The pattern is very pretty. Ahmedabad is getting a little colder too, what a relief!

  8. I spotted that banner straight away it is really cheery. That shawl looks lovely, I think when it is blocked it will look really lacy. Jo x

  9. Love the banner, its looks very colourful n cheery! and the pattern for shawl is very pretty too.

  10. Beautiful I like the new banner a lot! It has started to get cold here in Toronto too. The wind makes it colder. All the trees have shed their leaves. Which yarn are you using for your shawl ? The pattern is very pretty. :-)

  11. Love Love Love, Love the shawl color, Love the blog banner and Love the photo stream(especially the T-shirt back :-) )

  12. Hi Rajeswari,
    I have been following your blog for quite sometime, but haven't commented. Your new header looks stunning and I love the color of the shawl. Looking forward to see the completed shawl soon. Inspired by your works, I learnt crocheting and did a few projects. I have detailed them here Have a look at them and leave your comments.

  13. Rajeswari that shawl is exquisite! The yarn and colour suits the pattern beautifully. I also love your new banner!


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