Nov 5, 2013

Flower Blanket Ta-daah!!

Hellooo my dear lovelies!

Do you remember me? Remotely at least?
I know i pulled off the disappearing act and this time i have no solid excuse of being off blogging. Actually i have many excuses :P Firstly i was off to my home town to attend a cousin's wedding. And then my helper's mom was not well and she had to take 2 weeks off to attend to her. Then i just got used to NOT blogging. Then i was suffering from bloggers block and then I was very close to finishing a special blanket. Then we had the festival of lights - Diwali. Then it was raining and i could not get good clicks. So finally we had a few spells of sunshine and here i am, with my latest Pink and Purple Flower Blanket.. Here it goes..Ready or  not...


This blanket was such a fun project. Mainly because it was not repetitive. I used 11 square patterns in all, 3 shades each of pink and purple. Every square was a mini project of sorts. I did not get the color combinations right at the first go and there were lot of failed attempts. But still i was not sure how the end result would be. It was after i joined all the squares that i looked back and smiled at my little princess. She was thrilled to bits and has been using this pink and purple blankie ever since :)

The most difficult question after finishing such a blanket it what to do for the border. I thought a lot and tried a few with shells and picots. But finally settled on the border from the book Around the Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman. This is a wonderful must have book because it tells you how to get the perfect corners for your blanket and also because it has charts which i find it so easy to read and hook from :)

The weather is pretty gloomy so i had to go to the garden to get some decent shots of the blanket.

and i am so happy i did that as the outdoor light brings such a added dimension to this picture.

My unwilling model who refused to have any decent clicks with me.

What a bribe of candy did to her :P

So for all my dear blogger friends who encourage me and my little creative space so much with their kind and appreciative words, here are a few additional details :

Yarn used : The trusted Stylecraft Special DK in the following shades.

Pink shades -
1. Candy Floss - 1130
2. Fondant - 1241
3. Pomegranate - 1083

Purple shades -
1.Cream - 1005
2.Clematis - 1390
3.Magenta - 1084 

Pattern for the squares :

From the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton - Waterlily - 16, Wisteria - 113, Granny in the middle - 117, Criss Cross - 137, Solid Willow- 189 and from the blog Annie's Place with the link HERE.

From the Internet ( Free Patterns ) - Sunburst Granny from HERE, African Flower Square from HERE and a heavily modified Circle of Friends Square from HERE

Hook : 4.0 mm

Joining technique : SC with the RS held together using Pomegranate color yarn.

Border : # 121 from Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman.

Me : Totally satisfied, feeling very very girlie with the new blanket and so happy that i could use my free time to do something for my little precious girl!!

Phew!!! That's one load off my chest. Today i sleep in peace. Everday i used to think that i did not blog/post today. Neither did i follow and comment on all the lovely projects that you guys have been doing. I am going to start back tracking and visiting my lovely fellow bloggers space. With a cup of warm tea :)

Here's wishing you all a happy evening/day depending on which part of the world you are.
Do write in as it makes me feel so happy to hear from you, seriously!! 



  1. Of course we hadn't forgotten you, we just knew you were busy. The blanket is superb and that must have kept you quite busy along with family life. Jo x

  2. I love your blanket it's beautiful, I love the colours and the blocks you have used, such a pretty border, it's a proper little girls blanket just lovely. :)

  3. It's a beautiful blanket Rajeswari - great crochet work. Your daughter looks so happy to have it. :)

  4. Wow, Rajeswari! It is so great!
    I loooooove your new blanket! a great work, really!
    Your daughter is a great beautiful girl! yes, a lovely girl!
    kisses from catalonia!

  5. Rajeshwari, you are totally forgiven for not being in blogger, as your blanket is gorgeous! I LOOOOVE the colors!!! Awesome different squares, and lovely border which really suits your blankie! :) Happy day! Hugs, Anna.

  6. Wow!! That's a beautiful and lovely blanket!! :) it's fine you did not blog but what's important is you hooked so many blocks. The color combination goes so well with all the blocks !! It looks CUTE in the natural light. Your model is very cute:)
    Your project report was interesting too ;)
    Post Diwali, I am very busy ....I have no idea where my time is going.

  7. Happy to see your post. Beautiful blanket with good color combos. Great.

  8. Happy to see your blanket. Very very beautiful with good color combo. Border looks great. Lucky daughter.

  9. Welcome back, and what a gift to bring with you it's beautiful! :) x

  10. Nice to "see" you again, Rajeswari, and even nicer to see such a happy, beautiful blanket today! I'm totally with you with both the book (around the corner) and the Stylecraft, which is my new favorite yarn, too. Oh - and thanks for the link-back to my Square!! (And the Sunburst and Circle of Friends squares are some of my favorites, too... it's almost scary how much we like the same things *gg*)

  11. Ooooo this is so cheerful and the colours are totally complimentary towards one another. Lucky girl!

  12. Lovely and Wonderful Blanket. Such pretty girlie colors and lovely border.
    Great Job.

  13. Lovely and Wonderful Blanket. Such pretty girlie colors and lovely border.
    Great Job.

  14. you always come up with such beautiful creations.. its really pretty and colours are used very wisely. lucky little girl!

  15. Simply Gorgeous. Lovely girly fresh colours. With every new post you make me miserable that I don't have a daughter....Not fair. My hubby always consoles me saying your daughter in law(future) is also like a daughter. Well, I hope she will wear my crochet creations... ;) But there is a looong time for that! Till then I am going to enjoy your pics and stories.

  16. Hi again Rajeswari, I identify with all of your blogging angst and the excuse making grows exponentially to the time since you last blogged (in my case). However, if you were making this gorgeous blanket then we have been rewarded. I have never liked sampler crochet blankets, but I love yours, because you have tied it together which such an effective yet simple colour choices. I am a total Stylecraft fan and even I thought this was a cotton/merino expensive yarn but yet again Stylecraft comes up trumps! Your work is so beautiful, you have real style at pulling everything together. Fiona xx


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