Mar 1, 2013

The week that was..

....filled with laughter from child's play.

 ...spent cozily and comfortably rippling away after the entire household was sleeping..

...crafty with the little miss who did not listen on my ideas of painting an octupus and did this on her own!

...exciting as my LYS had a sale on Sublime Merino and this is my new "posh" wool stash - a part of it..The banker does NOT approve of such bulk purchases :)

...creative as this little beauty of spring squares is going to become a Spring-Flower Jacket for my Little Princess..She is so excited about it and keeps asking me when i am going to be "stitching" more :)

And before we know it, the weekend is upon us!

Hope you guys had a fabulous week and here's hoping that the weekend would be even better.
Get happy, get silly and go have some fun!!



  1. Your grannies are looking colourful . Enjoy your stash !:)
    Those ripples are quite have lot of patience.
    I liked the painting, it is a modern art without manipulation by mom. :)

  2. What a lovely week :-) Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  3. beautiful project! The granny one and the ripples! It seems , there is not end to them!
    have a fab weekend too!

  4. Sounds like a lovely week, a mixture of fun and laughter and quiet peaceful times, heaven!
    Angie x

  5. Wow, your ripple blanket seems to be nearly finished, you are fast!

    And Sublime yarns *yummy* I worked with some on my Blue Patchwork Blanket and loved it!

    Oh, and little Miss has a good eye for art. That picture is lovely, quite a piece of modern art...

  6. Love the colours of the grannies, and I love the painting your little Miss made. Its colours are very nice and it has a certain 'pzazz' :-)

  7. So beautiful your spring squares, I am thinking of crocheting a granny square cardi for my Little Lady too!

  8. Oooh I really like the little squares!

  9. So many beautiful projects you have going on! And it looks like you have another artist in the house too ... her picture is lovely :)

  10. Love the stylish colours you chose for the Ripple blanket, and adore the little granny squares! I can't wait to see the finished jacket.


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