Mar 20, 2013

Comfort Crochet

Hello my dear lovely readers!

How are you guys doing...A warm welcome to all my new friends. I truly cherish this friendship and value all your lovely comments! It really brightens up my day and makes my crafty adventures more awesome :)

A special thanks to all you guys for the kind words on my previous post of Garden of Flowers jacket.
The jacket was also featured in Sara's blog - My Merry Messy Life - Hookin on Hump Day #37.

Wearable and thread crochet are great to do, but not like some soul crochet. You know what i mean - comfort crochet. In Hong Kong the comfort food is the sweet bun, i see people eating it for breakfast and in between meals.As a south Indian for me the comfort food is idle and sambar. I can eat it any item any where and do it almost every week @ home.

In terms of crochet my current project is really comfort one. You can do it when you are watching TV, babysitting the kids, playing with the toys, or in between household chores...Its the ripple blanket. I picked it up after completing my jacket.

 My man in blue - loved jumping on the ripples...

 I am planning to make it for a queen size bed. Basically it is for a single bed, but loads of room for the turning in sleep type people :) Currently covers 2/3 of my bed and need to do 1/3 more and then the border and i am planning to add a flannel lining to it. Let me see how it does about...

 Some Easter egg decorations me n the little miss made for her school Easter Egg competition.
 Since we don't eat eggs at home i made these from thermocol eggs found in my local craft store.

Coming back to my comfort project, i line up my next 10 colors and take a snap shot of it. Then its easy peasy...1 row  then a color change, 2nd colors of 2 rows, another color change 1 row...and you have the interlock ripples..You can find the pattern i have used from Lucy's Attic24 HERE.

So off i am now, to enjoy some cold drink and back to my hook and some favorite site-com.

Stay crafty and stay happy. Love to hear from you as always...



  1. Enjoy the ripple! It is a comfort project, I like hooking it.

  2. Ooooh, I'm sooo yearning for the soothing of rippling. Can't wait to have one project finished to start another one. Really need to give the interlocking one a go as yours looks absolutely stunning!

    P.S.: My son loves to jump onto my crochet work as well!

  3. Look at the waves lapping the sand at the beach! Beautiful. I love your work and you're so prolific!

  4. I'm in a ripple blanket crochet a long going on right now - Go to this link for some details:

    Maybe it will provide you with some inspiration and crochet a long buddies!

  5. Very, very nice. I'm sure it will become a family favorite!

  6. the colours are so soothing! Great going, I also want to do a large blanket, u inspired me!

  7. Your ripple is looking so beautiful. And it is SO big. Lovely!

  8. Congrats on being featured! Doesn't it make you proud of your own design?:)
    The blanket is coming along so nice! Love it! I wish I could accomplish big projects so soon too, but I also started sewing my grannies together, and hope to update soon in my blog.
    Till then,
    have a happy and crafty week too!

  9. This blanket is coming out pretty well! Congrats for the feature! :)

  10. It's beautiful! I can't believe you have nearly completed it already :)

  11. Congratulations on being featured! The blanket is looking great, enjoy making it. It's wonderful to have a comfort project to work on and it looks like your son loves it already :) x

  12. Congrats on being featured! About comfort crochet, it's the same to me. I also need a special piece of crochet or knit work around that I can do always inbetween without great effort, something just very simple but nevertheless very nice. Some rows here, some rows there =). Your blanket looks already awesome! I really like that color combination reminding me on the sea and sandy beaches. And what a cute photo with your little man! My respect for your little lady, the animal eggs she made with your help are so sweet!!

  13. Congrats on the feature! It really was a lovely jacket:)
    All the best for your blanket, I haven't yet completed my tablecloth ...just weaving-in is left. I cannot even dream of such long projects.
    My daughter is a south Indian foodie...while I can make delicious idli, dosa and Sambhar, I have consistently failed in making a good rasam:)

  14. I love the skeins of yarn. The blanket is beautiful. I'm currently working on an intermeshing crochet project. I'm making a small sling bag. I will post it when its done.


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