Apr 2, 2013

Something Pretty

Hello my dear lovelies!!

HOW ARE YOU guys?? I know I know, I took off and did not bother to write in the last few days(weeks??).. Somehow I did check blogger-land every now and then, but did not find my mojo to write or do anything creative. I was lazy, I was just unwinding with my ripple and browsing a LOT. I blame Pinterest and such equally **bad** things for not blogging more often...

Also, I have started a strict work out schedule and strive to keep up to it at least for 5 days of the week. So in short, lotsa things to do, lotsa holidays as the little miss is having her Easter break and lotsa stuff to share with you guys - my adventures over the last few days..

This is my "something pretty" cushion. You can find the pattern for this pretty square HERE. From a long time I wanted to make this square and now doing my ripple I realized that I had lots of blue yarn in lovely yummy scrummy shades to spare and decided to have a go at the same.

I have done 4 x 4 squares with the following shades :

Cloud Blue

The last row is in Cream.

The joining is in Meadow. All yarn is from StyleCraft Special DK.

I wanted the back of the cushion also to be useable. I made granny squares of 4 rounds with the join-as-you-go method.

For a closure I used buttons, alternated the blue and green ones and the button holes were 2 chains and followed with a row of SCs. Be sure to make buttons at small intervals so that the seam does show up.

I did a small border using THIS pattern. I am in love with the effect it has as a whole. The squares, the puff stitch flowers and the simple peek-a-boo border :)

This is my first cushion and I am smitten!! Bring it on...I have already started on my second one.. Another famous pattern - African Hexagon Flower. You can find it HERE.

Currently on my hook...

What is on your hook today?
Do write in as I love hearing from you my dear readers..

and a warm welcome to all my new friends from equally delightful places!

Love and more,



  1. Uuuh, love that one. Something pretty is on my list for a while now, maybe I should start with a pillow?

    I have lost my mojo, too. After finishing the Blue Patchwork Blanket I fell into a deep hole. I'm still working on my Giant Granny Patches (only 42 to do now - but have to order more yarn and Deramores is out of Claret *bu-hu*), the Garter Stitch Blanket and even started a sweater (Jesus Christ - I really hope I have the knowledge to finish it!!!) but it is work and not fun at the moment :-(

    1. Gosh Maree.. After that mammoth blue wonder I would find it v difficult to jump to another equally huge project.. I know what you mean by crochet becoming a work. When I was doing my granny patch n had to attach 650+ squares I was fed up n the only thing kept me going was the end result.. But hey I m sure it will be worth it and I m waiting for that ta-daah..

      Admire your patience n when are you going to show us the sweater :)

      You should definitely try the something pretty pattern.. V unique n awesome results.. Pillow would look great

  2. Beautiful indeed! For sure these are the favourite designs across the blogland:)
    I liked the way you have done the border and added those buttons too. I am ready with 2 more cushion cover fronts but the backs are pending...there are many hook and needle projects going on at my craftspace. Everyday it is a fun to decide which one to work on ;)

  3. That cushion is very pretty indeed. I am gonna check out that pattern :-)
    What's on my hook? Well, I'm working on a handbag for myself, then a toy for a friend's ... dog, some cuddly toys for my niece and nephew.... And so many plans yet!

  4. The colours you use are gorgeous! And the yarn looks so lovely too. I currently have roses on my hook :)

  5. Your new cushion is beautiful - the colors are so bright and pretty. I love your pretty crochet hook. :)

  6. Its very pretty! what are you making with the hexagons??? :)

  7. agree with everyone, it turned our beautiful! I love this square pattern, the flower texture is amazing.well done!!!
    i'm working on my big blanket too. hehe) with short breaks of doilies, and other miscellaneous.

  8. Ben zelf ook bezig met de popcorn granny, maar dan in een deken. Haakt lekker weg. En die ripple.....daar is er al één van klaar. Kijk maar eens op mijn blog. www.mijntijdverdrijf.blogspot.com

    Groetjes, Agnes.

  9. Beautiful cushion, just love it and the hexagons are lovely too can't wait to see what you are going to do with them :)

  10. What a lovely cushion! I love your color choice and design. Very pretty!


  11. It's one of my favorite patterns in one of the loveliest colour combos soo pretty n that its also reversible

  12. What a beautiful cushion! And the African flower hexagons are so lovely! Love them both! And I love the colors too. Gorgeous!

  13. Lovely! I am going to try and make one for myself. Thanks for the blocking tip, will give it a go. Love.

  14. That is so pretty!! The back of the pillow is just as lovely as the front <3

  15. Lovely cushion! I have been spending way too long on pinterest too, it takes time from my blogging too :)

  16. beautiful, both sides and the colours! good luck with the new regime, let us know. Heather x

  17. What gorgeous pillow covers! I keep seeing projects with these and know I need to make one! I'm nervous trying enclosures - not entirely sure why, as it really shouldn't be too hard! But these are absolutely lovely, I love the colors that you used :)

  18. What a wonderful cushion, Rajeswari!! Everything’s perfect: Color combination, patterns, border, buttons… just ♥ :-). Looking forward to your second one! Oh, and what do I see…. A lovely colorful crochet hook :-)). On my hook is a cowl at the moment, and I’m knitting a charity scarf! These are my main projects at the moment, so to speak ;-)

  19. Lovely !
    Have a nice weekend.

  20. Beautiful cushion, lovely colors! Take care:)

  21. Such beautiful work! Well done!
    Susan @ Felted Button

  22. Lovely!!! The colour combination is beautiful. And like the back part too. Very innovative to have added buttons, usually everybody adds a zipper. The colour of the buttons yuou have used is also very good.
    And Where did you buy that hook ?? I would love to have a set of such beautiful printed hooks :-)
    Take care!!! hope you had a good weekend.

  23. Such a beautiful cushion - so much work but delightful x

  24. Beautiful, so lovely! Thanks so much for linking up on Hookin On Hump Day! I don't see the link party button on your link parties page though. If you could add that (or the I've been featured one, since you have been in the past!), we'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

  25. this is so beautiful! I'm glad that you posted pictures. I love blue shades and the ones you used in your pillow are perfect!

  26. Beautiful cushion ! I love the colours and the buttons !!
    I have to look at that pattern.

    Visiting from Petals to Picots !
    i have to make a cushion too to match my daughter's blanket.. .

  27. Lovely cushion, I love the colours and the buttons !
    I have to make one myself to match for the blanket I'm making my daughter.
    visiting from Petals to Picots,

  28. Your cushions are very pretty but I really love your Something Pretty one the best. I might be partial to it because I just started a blanket using the Something Pretty pattern. Love it. Your colors are lovely too.

  29. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!
    Gorgeous! Congratulations for your work!


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