Apr 20, 2013

Bloglovin...Hope we are going to Love it!

Hello my dear friends..

Just a quick note today..i tried this Bloglovin ...After seeing so many of my fellow bloggers using this tool i decided to have a look at the same. But, honestly for a person like me who reads posts from her dashboard - it really does not matter i think!

You can find more information about this at Preeti's post HERE where she tells you about a very useful link regarding this new confusion. You can read about the link in her post or you can skip to it HERE.

Some more links on how to use this new front end tool HERE.

My honest opinion is that it is not needed to press the panic button, but you can always "claim" your blog in "Bloglovin" :) I am old fashioned in terms of my technology usage ( but anyone who is blogging is OF-COURSE tech savy i hear you say..he he) and do not like changing how i see things..so i am going to stick with my "Dashboard" - for now at least!!

Have a happy weekend and see you guys on the other side of this small 2 day breather...



  1. Hello Rajeswari, I'm with you. I'm sticking to the dashboard, but in order to offer a 'follow with Bloglovin' button on my blog I had to register. A bit of a pain to be honest. Ah well.

    have a nice weekend!


  2. Hi, Rajeshwari!I've already switched to a bloglovin, so you are welcome to read me there :) anyway, let's see what happens when July comes.
    have a lovely day


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