Apr 27, 2013

Marigold Garland

Hello my lovelies!

How z your weekend going on?? I am really excited this weekend as my college friend is coming over to Hong Kong. We are planning on a girls out weekend filled with shopping and eating and relaxing and in general letting our hair down :) Something about school/college friends right? They are very special and cannot be replaced by the new friends we make. They know us for who we were before we became wives/mothers. They don't know us as xxx's wife or xyz's mother and it is so VERY *important* to connect to that woman in you too...

'Torana' means gateway in Sanskrit. A garland made of Mango leaves and Marigold is used as a torana in Hindu homes. In other words, the garland is tied to the frame of the main door of the house. The marigold flower symbolizes auspiciousness. The saffron/orange colour signifies renunciation and hence is offered to God as a symbol of surrender.

I have been wanting to making such a garland for a long long time...very long time.. Finally got down to it and using the flower motifs #9 and #10 from "BEYOND THE SQUARE Crochet Motifs" i came up with this...

Inspiration came from the above flowers... I did not do a traditional marigold per say, but i loved how these turned out, don't you?

Any Hindu garland is incomplete without mango leaves and i had to add them to my crochet garland too..

There it is!!
Marigold Garland Ta-daaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you guys liked it :)
Have a fab weekend and what are the crafty/baking/cooking/hooking plans for the weekend? Spend the time wisely as it is precious, spend it with your loved ones and spread love and fun around!!

C u on the other side of this short breather, hopefully, i will have embarked on my next "big" project soon.. I am searching for patterns for a new blanket. No ripples, no granny squares and no stripes! I officially blame Pinterest for giving me soo many options that i am not doing anything new!!

Have a happy weekend! Keep calm and stay happy :)



  1. Wow. Rajeswari! Torana tumba chennagide :-) looks real. Ugadi habbakke hakidra, with mavina ele ofcouse :-) I'd love to make a crocheted one, but you know how dusty it is here, things get dirty in just one day. So I'm very much cautious about my handmade things ;-) Will try making this for the pooja room instead. Lovely colours and specially loved the orange flowers.

    Meeting old friends is a bliss. It takes an hour or two to discuss the latest updates, and then starts "Hey how is xxx, what about yyy, is she still in touch, where is she now???" hehehe Oh god, I met an old friend recently and this was what happened to me.

    I'm working on a small project now. coasters..
    Will post soon.


  2. Beautiful. I don't really like the colour orange, but this looks great.
    Have a nice weekend.


  3. It is absolutely lovely! What a beautiful way to honour this Hindu tradition.
    I hope you have a great time with your friend! :-)

  4. Wow, I'm swept off my feet!! What a loooovely garland ♥. Really great job, Rajeswari!! About the weekend, it's rainy here and I hope I can do a lot of crochet. But first I have to help my son cleaning up his room ;-). Happy weekend! xxx Nata

  5. Just lovely. Have a roaring time with your friend. You are right...friends we had before we became XYZ's someone, someone, are so important in your life. I really miss my friends in Mumbai :(

  6. Love the marigold garland - it's bright, cheery and pretty. Enjoy your visit with your college friend. :)

  7. Your Toran looks very beautiful and attractive !! Have a nice time with your friend :)

  8. That is beautiful! I think I almost forgot that Marigold is 'Gainda phool'. Thanks for reminding me. And they are so important for all the poojas. I saw a whole farm on our recent trip. Definitely, because they are in so much demand here.
    Your Torana looks fab on your door. It will definitely bring more of all that you want. Best wishes! Enjoy every second of the weekend! :)

  9. Rajeshwari, the TORANA looks wonderful. Liked it very much. You churn out projects like a magic wand. :) Amazing. Is it cotton yarn or acrylic?

    HAve a wonderful weekend with your College friend. Oh! thats the best thing to happen on aw week end. ENJOY

  10. Those are really cheery and make me smile. Love your stuff Jo x


  11. It's beautiful lovely warming colours, it looks so good hanging up there. Hope you enjoy your friends visit

  12. Wow...this looks perfect for festive season.

  13. As usual, you give such pretty ideas for home decor! You've done a beautiful garland, it looks awesome :)
    Well..please, don't make me feel guilty..I am not done even with ONE blanket yet..and you are commencing for the third one?:) Good!
    Have a fab day!

  14. it's just gorgeous and I love what it's for! Mango leaves too, ace! Heather x

  15. P>S totally agree with you, we must remember our old selves now and again! x

  16. Such a pretty garland ..Hi my name is Donna , I just found your blog ..its great to meet another fellow crocheter!I have a blog as well ALL Things Ming.


  17. That is a lovely garland and you never have to worry about it wilting. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  18. I just love the color combinations. I enjoy seeing colors that "speak to you". You are so blessed with talent.


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