Apr 10, 2013

Felt Fabric Fun!!

Hello my "dear" readers..

How are we doing today? Knowing you guys, you all must be neck deep in your WIP's he he...
Well @ my world, we have been having lotsa crafty times. I have always wondered what is this Hot Glue gun. So one day, at my LCS when I saw one, i immediately picked it up along with some washable felt. Then began the hunt for making felt flowers. Oh boy, you have so so so many options and varieties to chose from.I officially rule Pinterest a great culprit when my house chores are piling up!!

Anyways..here's what i did..

These felt flowers are inspired from HERE, HERE and HERE. The flowers are glued on to a crochet mesh which is a vase cover. But as my vase is big and i had bad light almost everywhere..its just the cover in the pic.
Go ahead and try these quick wonders. I did not do felt flowers as i found glueing them a messy thing and also sewing them boring..so Hot GLue gun - YOU ROCK!!

 Made a pair of flower clips for my Princess..

One store i am going to sorely miss in India is IKEA. I love this store for all the great furniture, home DIY and in general a must visit store if you do not have IKEA in your city/country. These are the plain magazine racks i bought from there. 
With my little princess, one rainy afternoon, we transformed this into...


 A perfect store of my books and the kid's bed time stories :)

My ripple is in its final run ...
4 more colors = 4x4 = 16 more rows..and then i am waiting to do the border :!!!!!

 ...shhhhhhaaa...not looking forward to this part tho..

Leaving you guys with what my Little Princess has been up to..

A butterfly fairy made from mosaic pieces

  and a flower painting which occupies a place of pride in our cozy bed room:)

Have a great day and lovely week ahead..
Do write in as i love reading from you..

Happy Crafting..


  1. Great crafty time! I too am waiting to start my felt projects.those flowers and bookcases look amazing !! Your daughter's creations are cute!!:)waiting to see your ripple finale:)

  2. Indeed, the flowers turned out great and beautiful! perfect attempt! I have to ask if have hot glue gun in Indian stores. and felt...
    your ripple already looks snug, great work , and those ends..I'm making a blanket too, but weaving the ends only when I start sewing squares together. in ripple it is a little difficult, as you just keep on crocheting without stops! :)
    lovely flowers by your daughter!
    Have a great day!

  3. The felt flowers are really beautiful, great job! ♥ I never worked with a hot glue gun up to now but you make it tempting :-). The bookcases look so much better now!! And your little princess seems to have the artistic gene from her mother ;-). She made so lovely things! ♥

  4. Wow! You've certainly been busy. The little felt flowers are really cute and I love what you did with the magazine holders. :)

  5. You have been busy with your gun haha love the flowers and the butterfly, your daughter is very clever, your ripple is looking good too :)

  6. Pretty flowers!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  7. Like mother like daughter. Her painting is cute. Please tell her. And your ripple blanket looks lovely too! I have never done anything so far using ripple and have been wanting to. HAve seen so many lovely ripple projects. Came across this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12dHp0KcIdw. have a look. They have shown changing colours and that too without having to join in the ends!!

  8. Ah I see she will be crafty like her Mum! I haven't tried a glue gun yet, looks good. I like the magazine holders, I have a collection waiting in the loft for a make-over! was it paper you stuck I wonder or material? have a good day, Heather x

  9. Surprise!! There's an award waiting for you on my blog :-). Congratulations, here it is:
    You're having more than 200 followers now, but when I started preparing that post it was less than 200, so I think it's no problem ;-). Enjoy!!
    xxx Nata

  10. What beautiful flowers! I love how you did them. Now I've really got to make some for myself! And I love all the other little projects you did, too. Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

  11. Felt, fabric and crochet flowers are a HUGE weakness of mine and yours are just beautiful!! I think I'd die without my glue gun ;)

  12. You make stuff like I do and I love it all. Jo x


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