Apr 17, 2013

Blue Waves Ripple - Ta-daaah!!

Hello my dear lovely readers!

How are you doing? Today i am really pleased to show you my Ripple Blanket. I have been in awe of Lucy's Ripple for ages..But somehow the ordinary ripple did not strike me as very special...I need a twist in everything i think..so when she did her Interlocking Ripple i knew i had to hook it..Thus began the process of deciding the colors for the blanket. After doing my Giant Granny Patch Blanket i was not very keen on this multicolor design in any form. It was at the same time that our guest room needed a new blanket as the old one was getting too ..uhhmmmm OLD! Then i decided that it is going to be a Ripple. I decided on this color palate.

Then started the process of rippling along..I began late in January.

and then here it is in February..

I have loved every moment of it!! It is very comforting project, everyone must always have a ripple on their hook i feel :) Sometimes it gets a bit boring as it is not much of a challenge but hey we are mothers, wives, working professionals, multi-taskers - sometimes we do need easy things to chill with.I used to plan my 10 rows in advance and just refer to my picture for reference.

So are you guys ready for the big moment....

Here it comes!!!

Blue Waves Ripple Ta-daah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How hard it is to get a shot?? I stood on  a stool for this...yet could not manage a 100% shot

The border is something i am very pleased with. Simple and yet very elegant. I did not want any girlie finish..No shells or not frills. Something boyish but not just granny stripes..The border is from Border #42 from the book Around the corner by Edie Eckman. A must have book and you can read more about it in THIS post. Can you see how NEAT the corner is?? Thanks to Edie!!!

This blanket also has a lining. Honest recomendation - Line your blankets!! They are soo cosy and also i feel less chances of those toes getting into the crochet stitches..Especially the granny square ones..I used flannel blankets from Ikea for the same. They are very light and the washing instructions are same as the Stylecraft yarn. But do a test wash and then only stitch it. I used a simple hemming stitch to attach the flannel to my blanket..

Cannot get enough of this border!

My favourite stretch of ripple!

Some rippling facts for you :

Yarn :: Stylecraft Special DK
Colors ::

In order of appearance top row - right to left :)
2.Cloud Blue
Hook :: 4.0mm Polymer Hand  made hook :)
Pattern :: Neat Ripple Pattern of Lucy's Attic24.
Starting Chain :: I started on my new adventure with 17 ripples. ie 17 * 14 + 3 = a foundation chain of 241.
Rows :: 169 + 2 more to straighten the ripple
Measures :: 62" x 77" (It is a single blanket, but my boys roll over so i wanted a bit wider one :))
Weight :: approx 2000 gms
Balls :: approx 22 - have a few left overs..
Time :: 1 hr for 2 ripples so that's 170 hrs + 5 hrs for the border + 10 hrs for finishing & sewing = ~8 days of continuous crochet i mean 24 x 7! But hey! it took me just under 4 months... ha ha

Phew.. that's a detailed post!
Thank you my dear friends for sticking with me on this wonderful journey and all your lovely feedback and comments on my previous ripple posts. Do let me know what you think of this rippling waves..

Till then..c u and happy happy hooking!!

PS: I have decided not to touch my hook for 2 days.. a break sorta..lets see hha ha ha

Love and more,



  1. It is simply stunning! And I love your idea of lining it with an Ikea blanket! The colours are so wonderful and the pillows match nicely! All in all a wonder-wonder-wonderful work. Congratulations, dear Rajeswari!

    P.S. Ok... now I want to drive to Ikea and line all my blankets... Gooood, how to resist when Ikea is only 3km away?!?

  2. hello! was very beautiful! A sea of ​​beautiful photos, congratulations!

  3. It's a beautiful blanket Rajeswari - and great idea to line it with the fleece. :)

  4. It is so lovely!!

    I have to confess that I find the ripple pattern a bit busy in general, especially with bright vibrant colours (though I do love bright colours), but in this colour scheme I absolutely love it!

    Congratulations on yet another beautiful project!

  5. Beautiful blanket, Rajeswari! :) words are less to match the effort you have put in for such a big project, but it comes from the heart:) Kudos to you!! You have a strong determination to complete your projects. Keep it up!!
    I too have a plain fleece blanket which I thought I would embellish with crochet. I always would have wanted to add a lining if at all I had made a blanket for the same reason of gap in crochet stitches.

  6. Dumbstruck with the crochet here!
    Beautiful ripples and wonderful colours:) I just can imagine how happy you would be to see and feel the blanket:)

  7. Oh Joy! Isn't the Ripple just the greatest thing ever?
    Your blanket is lovely, time to snuggle down now.

  8. Wonderful ripple blanket! You are such a master, Rajeshwari! It turned out so so great! And by this I mean all : color match, border..mmm...yes, it is the crowning jewel!
    My colleague also adviced me to line my blanket later on. How did you sew the lining to the crochet? a sewing machine?
    I am sure your home people will enjoy snuggling in this ripples :)
    Well done!!!

  9. Yipeee...party time! It is sooooo pretty! I agree that blanket should be lined. The lining will ofcourse protect the hard work and will make the blankie warmer n cosier! You get 100/100! :)))

  10. It's so beautiful it looks like a tranquil wavy sea, the colours are perfect together and well done on doing it so quickly! I agree we have to have something easy and not too brain tiring on our hooks at all times, maybe with a bit of complicated on another hook in the background :)

  11. so beautiful! The lining is clever...must remember that one!

  12. hello Rajeswari
    I'm a tad behind in thanking you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments on my "in the corners" post. I'm so glad I made you laugh. I must say I laugh too at times at the way my husband goes about the house cleaning sometimes. It is painful to watch.
    Another adorable blanket and you just can't beat Lucy's ripples pattern for beauty. A good choice of colours which produces calmness and tranquility and your comparison liking it to the sea is very apt. I must have a look at that book too.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  13. Lovely blanket. I guess blue is your favorite colour :-) You have done such a wonderful job on that blanket. Love the small pair of shoes sneaking into your blanket pic :-) And the yarn looks yummy :-)

  14. Wow. Wonderful and great to see the ripples just like the waves in the sea. No words to say.


  15. Wow, I really, really like those colors and that wavy action. So pretty and I like the idea of lining them. I hadn't thought about that but it makes a lot of sense. I need to put that on my list to make. :)


  16. I love, love, love it!! I especially love the colors. And what a great idea to line it. I will have to try that.

  17. It's so beautiful. I don't think I can ever do anything so massive. Great job!

  18. Wow, that is really really impressive! I can't believe you finished it in just a few months - especially with a toddler underfoot! Great job!! Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

  19. wow! very very impressive that you did this in 4months. back from hols and loved seeing your posts..I love your blog

  20. Very very impressive.Your works are awesome. Sometimes I wonder where do you get all the energy to do those!!

  21. They are simply awesome and very very impressive.

  22. Absolutely Loving this blanket. The colour choices are really beautiful ~ I would love to do a Seasidey Ripple on day so may use this as inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing it :O)x

  23. love it! I think the lining idea is a neat idea. thanks for sharing that. I am working on a ripple afghan too, just a lap size.

  24. Thats very very beautiful !!
    Thousands likes to this creation!!!
    Amazing , awesome!!


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