May 7, 2013

Baby girl Blanket - WIP

Hello my dear friends!
Howz u guys, has the summer sun hit you guys yet? Its been on and off here, with bouts of rain in between.. But I am waiting for the proper summer to start and it is surprising that it hasn't yet started here.

My little girl suddenly has red rashes all over her body and i don't know what it is because of. Two visits to the doctor have not exactly been useful as the rashes go in the morning and come back later in the night. She is very uncomfortable and keeps scratching the rashes and is generally irritated at home. The doctor has adviced to stay indoors and that is proving very difficult for a outdoor person like her. Lots of games and craft at home is happening at home front and even more messy times. But seeing rashes all over her body come and go is making me a bit frustrated and am waiting to see her back to her normal self. Kids falling ill is the worse i feel, until they get well you can't do much literally as the mind keeps hovering in thoughts about them..

I haven't been crafting as much as i hoped, not as the miss is unwell, but mainly because of the little devil known as Pinterest. I have spent so much time browsing for a granny square pattern. My close friend is expecting a girl baby end of next month and i want to gift her a crochet blanket. So i had a few specifications for this blanket :

** had to be pink **
** not many holes as in a plain granny square **
** blocks and not a continuous project like a ripple **

So began the hunt...loads of hours spent in searching and trying sample squares.
Then finally i hit jackpot with my book - 200 crochet blocks for blankets by Jan Eaton.
This is a gem of a book, a must have for every blanket maker! I have picked a mix of 2 squares for this and you can see below the start of my blanket.

The layout is "Eastern Promise". I am using the corner square and square no:35 for this instead of the one recommended in this layout.

I am not planning on making the full size by more of a 6x8 squares as it is for a baby after all. Can you make out that i have started at the centre??

I so love this block. It is a three hooks block and it is a bit confusing at first, but after 1 or 2 blocks it becomes more easy. In general each block takes about 30-40 mins at a stretch and that does not include weaving in the ends.. I am happy it is a small blanket :)

Have been a good girl and decided to weave in after 16 squares. I am having way too much fun with this project. Just the right about of green and brown to give it some soul and some color. Else it is a pink riot all the way!

 Also, i went ahead and for the first time purchased the famous overlay mandala from CAROCreated HERE.

Will be having a crack at this soon, as soon as my house is alseep and i have all the time and space for myself!

Till then, happy crafting my lovely friends and do write in and let me know if you have every purchased paid patterns and did you feel it was worth it?



  1. That mandala is something else! Go on have a go.. Jo x

  2. Your blanket looks so lovely and cute !! :)I havent purchased any crochet patterns yet, just the books. But I have started buying UK cross stitch magazines (digital editions) for iPad...they are nothing but collection of charts.
    What is a three hooks block? is it some technique or name of the block?
    I havent developed any specific interest in mandala as yet, they look similar to doilies. This overlay mandala is a cheerful pattern and I am sure you will enjoy making it!! :)
    Hope you see your daughter in the play area soon:)keep well !!

  3. Just gorgeous!! Loved your colour combination and choice of grannies. Am sure it is going to look just super.... lucky friend and baby too. I have never purchased a pattern before, but Etsy has such a variety, so I intend to, one day!

  4. So sorry to hear little miss is ill, I hope they find out what the rash is and that it's not too serious! my son is in Hong Kong at present teaching English and he is loving it, but I think he is pleased it's not too hot yet. I love the blocks you have chosen for your blanket it is a lovely book and I am looking forward to making lots out of it when I have the time!
    looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. I love that mandala too..again hopefully one day have a great day! :)

  5. May your daughter recover soon and be a happy and an active child again!Wishing you stay strong ans calm during this difficult time.
    Still you managed to make such a lovely blanket! Those square patterns are beautiful, I also have some of them on Pinterest.
    Have a nice day!

  6. The colors look gorgeous and I love that flower motif.
    Bad to hear about the rashes. Kids are prone to such things and this is definitely weather related. Keep her distracted and busy and she will surely recover soon.
    Good Luck for the Mandala! :)

  7. Sorry to hear about your daughter not feeling well. Rashes are always hard to figure out the cause of.

    The baby blanket you're working on is very pretty with the different squares together. I love the colors too. :)

  8. your choice of colours is just great.Love it. yes,pinterest is very addictive. see, after searching so much, you went back to the book in hand.
    hope your daughter get well soon.

  9. Oh Rajeswari, it is simply stunning! I love both squares and in my opinion they are a perfect match! The three-hook block looks really challenging but oh so lovely. Hm, maybe it is time for a new crochet book for me...

    I hope your little girl feels better now (or at least you finally know what is the problem)! Little guy has some rather nasty rash himself on the right cheek. We thought it was the strawberries but since he is pointing at his mouth all the time and complaining that it hurts I rather think that he is teething again.

  10. I hope your little girl is feeling better soon. There's nothing more frustrating than having a wee one ill and not knowing what the cause is.

    I love the colors and the design in your baby blanket. It reminds me of my pink dogwood. The pink of the blossoms, the green of the leaves and the brown bark. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw it. I need to get that book. I'm constantly looking for square ideas and I don't do Pinterest.


  11. Hope your daughter is well now. Happy crocheting!

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