May 9, 2013

Overlay Mandala

My lovely people, thank you all for your wishes for my little girl, she is doing fine and is finally rash free and itching free!! Yahooooo!!

There are times when you see something floating on the internet and know that you should get going on that...Such was the time when i wanted to do a crochet mandala. I looked and looked at many pretty colorful circles, vibrant blossoms and oh so pretty mandalas. But my mind would always come back to the Overlay Mandala by CAROcreated. Somehow nothing measured up to it, in color, in design and in the look of the overlay layers.. So i got myself a little present and purchased the pattern online!!

Mind you a spoiler here :: IT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!!!
I found it to be a pattern for an experienced crocheter as you had to read charts and being good in maths is a plus point. Also you should know your FPs and crocheting in back loops very well. Else there will be no place to crochet the overlay layers. And frogging it when a mistake occurs only worsens the situation..

But all said and done, i  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ the pattern!!
It is the single most challenging bit of crochet i have ever done and i am very very proud of it :)

So are you ready for the colorful ta-daah..
Here it comes...

Overlay Mandala Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 ♥ IT!
This is the back of the mandala, all threads weaved in.

 Managed to catch a glimpse of the ever eluding sun-light..

My favourite part of the Mandala. Such color bursts!

Blocked it with steam iron and framed it and it is now sitting pretty and colorful on my living room wall :)

To make this Mandala Magic :

Pattern :: I purchased the pattern from HERE. The pattern is written very well with step by step pictures at every round. Charts and worded instructions are there for every round. I preferred the charts as i could not read a single sentence spanning 5-6 lines :)

Thread :: Used Anchor Knitting Cotton in shades of rainbow.
Hook   :: 2.5mm (as suggested by the pattern)
Size      :: 20 cms approx.
Time     :: 3-4 hours of concentrated crochet, absolutely no distractions :)
Difficulty :: 3.5/5. Should know how to read crochet charts and being good at maths is helpful!
Me       :: In love and planning another one with other color combinations v v soon :)

Hope you are having a colorful crafty time.
Take care and be good, be fun and keep well...



  1. Beautiful! A colour explosion.

  2. Wow! That looks lovely and colourful :) good idea to frame it! I was thinking few days back to frame my cosmos doily, but huh! I keep lazying around rather than going out to buy a frame. You are very fast !!:)

  3. Its really very beautifull with those colors, bravo!

  4. Wow, amazing! I have seen more pics of this pattern and I have been thinking that it must be quite difficult to make. And there you are telling me it is! :-) You are rightly proud!

  5. Wow well done on completing it, it is really something to be proud of it's beautiful! so glad your daughter is better :)

  6. I can't believe you have matched the colours as well - amazing. Jo x

  7. Beautiful! great you've taken very nice pics , before and after framing it :-) I always forget to take pics of my things and crib later when I've already gifted them :P sometimes I have even asked the gift received to send me some pics :P hahaha


  8. Beautiful mandala, Rajeshwari! It indeed has such intricate design...very well done, though yes, it could be a little confusing for those don't have much experience in crocheting. I myself wanted to make mandala for long time - but will choose some simpler pattern. I have a Buddhist friend to whom I'd like to gift it if I manage to crochet it quick.
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful projects with us!
    I am happy that your daughter now can enjoy being outdoors!

  9. Beautiful! What a lovely way to bring a little sunshine into your life.

  10. Woow ! Marvelous , beautiful !!
    My compliments !!!
    Have a nice weekend .. :)

  11. WOW!!! Rajee... its soo colorfull and beatifull... i loved your paters... :) thanks a lot for sharing.. i request your support on my blog
    continue your valuable surprises dear..

  12. It's really beautiful! I have been enjoying the idea of mandala too! hope little girl is okay, Heather x

  13. Wow, that's really beautiful! Great color combo, too!

  14. Beautiful piece of art! Congrats on feature @ hooking on a hump day. I missed the post somehow, just saw it.
    You have made it into a wall art. I think I will do something similar for my peacock. Its really painful to fold the whole thing.
    I was good at maths till I was as student, now I totally depend on calculators. :(
    Love the colors you have used. Thumbs up!! :)

  15. That is beautiful & we are honored to tie for 1st place with you in Moogly/My Messy life's link up party! I love your colors. Great Job!


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