May 13, 2013

Beaded Collar Dress Up!

Hello my lovely people!

A warm welcome to all those who are new here, hope you enjoy your "stay" and i manage to inspire and get inspired by all you talented and awesome crafters :)

How was your weekend? We had a plain one, nothing special as it was really hot here. Hot is fine, but hot + humid + 2 toddlers = 2 tired parents :)) Its funny tho how we complain when it is cold that we need the sun, but when the sun is smiling we are still complaining..tututut!!

Today, i am showing you guys something which is making me reallly real happy! I crocheted something for myself, a little something, i had been eying this for such a long time. But i really did not find a pretty black top as the base for my collar.

Please don't mind the BAD self portrait and just admire the crochet hand work!
The dress off me.. I really am pleased with the beads in it. The small flowers was NOT easy on the hands, but looked great when done.

 A simple chain edging for the sleeve with 3 beaded picot after every 8 chains..

The back of the dress...

 This edging was inspired by this lovely book, Edging with beads and various Threads by Crochet Vol2. This is a Japanese book, but that is the best part of crochet right? You just need a chart and some patience and you can create magic :)

You guys want a sneak peak into this lovely book.....
Go on...

You can get some more info HERE.

And a look at what is on my hook now.. Can you guess what it will become??
Something very easy, something very versatile and i am planning on a tutorial for this :)

Till then guys, see you, have a great Monday and love to all my friends and fellow crafters and bloggers who leave me such sweet kind words. It really makes handmade more lovely ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



  1. Just saw your weather report - humidity is the least thing I like in weather... Take care of your health!
    The collar looks amazing! Such fine work... you have LOADS of patience and also reading from Japanese scheme - wow! Can't wait to see what that project would be - may be a dress accessory?
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Πολύ όμορφο και κομψό!!!!Φιλάκια!!!

  3. You have done a wonderful job with beads ! The collar looks delicate and beautiful:)
    Looks like a nice Japanese book. I am not sure how many books I must buy, I want to put to use whatever books I have. I guess that itself will take ages because there are many cross stitch charts too in waiting:)

  4. I think the crochet looks really fab. Did you block it? I think the points could come down a bit further to show off your intricate work through the black top. Jo x

    1. Jo!
      You caught my bad!! Yes, i was feeling really lazy to stitch every petal of the flower to the dress and did a few guess i will have to redo a few flowers so that they look pretty and the threads dont show.. Thanks for stopping by and helping me overcome my laziness :)

  5. beauty in beads, looks very good and i love the pictures on the book, but I am really bad with diagrams.

  6. Such a pretty, delicate collar. I WANT to do this, and have a dress just to take up that teeny tiny hook :-)

  7. Beautiful work - it really looks nice on your dress. :)

  8. Beautiful ! N the book is v nice too


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