Apr 20, 2012

Bangles Galore

A morning well spent by the Little Man trying his hands, legs and entire self on his sister's cycle.

He just cant seem to wait to ride on it..Looks like he is asking me, "Mamma, when will I be able to hop on?"

Meanwhile the afternoon was spent in shopping in the famed Commercial Street. What was once the hub of shopping in Bangalore somehow seemed to have mellowed down into an average shopping destination. With malls coming up everywhere, offering all amenities and the ambiance to beat the scorching sun, it is not a tough choice for people.

But I had to visit this place as it was ages since i had been here and i needed to soak in the atmosphere of the city as i remembered it!

All the shopping and cycling leaves me with ----can you guess....yes !!! Less time to do my hooky. Trying to squeeze in some amount tho..will post the progress once there is some--- PROGRESS!!

Till then...i am enjoying the sun and trying to soak in as much as possible. Hope you are doing the same!!!

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