Apr 16, 2012

Things to do...before I leave

I had promised myself that i would keep blogging during my trip to India. But 2 big and 1 small reason are preventing me from doing this regularly.

1. I do no have my Nikon D7000 with me. It needs care and attention and is currently having an identity crisis in Hong Kong. Clicks with my new Canon really cannot match up even remotely to my Nikon.
2.Lack of a full time maid ensures that i do that job and i am running around the little people all the time, giving me very less breathing space.
3.I am on a new hooky en devour and ideally all my non-kids time goes into that.

But, but, but...i am going to make it a point to post at least once a week! Yes i say that to myself...I SHOULD POST ONCE A WEEK.

It has been a rather tiring week as yours truly was down with the bug. I had a bad stomach and could not do much, it is been really boring to get stuck at home when i have such grand plans of taking my eldest little person on various tours of my favorite city, my hometown Bangalore. Hopefully this week will be more of the outdoor types. I have a short list of places i want to take her:

*The Monorail - Namma Metro. She has been asking to go on a train.
*Crossword bookstore.
*Cubbon Park
*Some shopping in Mantri Mall.
*McDonald's for Fries and Shakes.

Things/Places i need to do:
*Visit my school/college friends.
*Do some cotton fabric shopping.
*Shopping some dresses, footwear and other non-essential items for the little people and myself.
*Build my paper stash for scrap booking.
*Eat some junk/road side crap health permitting.

Weather permitting as it is very hot till almost late afternoon I do plan to make trips to these places.
Leaving with a few snaps of the little people getting on my first car. It was the car in which i learnt driving, many a fond memories are associated with this 4 wheeler. It is still in very good running condition and hopefully next year i can drive it. This year with an inquisitive toddler it is difficult to drive around.

Had a really good night with my hand being held by my two precious little people. The joys of motherhood and the blessing of being a stay-at-home mommie.

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  1. Lovely kids. I would love to be a stay at home mom with a craft business in the foreseeable future (work in a bank :) ) and a lively, colourful house.

    Love your crochet work. Will be reading.


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