Apr 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It has been a long long week, one which saw us visit as many as 3 cities.
Summer is officially on in India. We arrived in Bangalore and had to immediately leave to visit a great spiritual and Sanskrit leader, Jagadguru Ramanandacharya in Chitrakoot. The only thing bad about this entire trip is the road to Chitrakoot. It is a 7 hour journey from Lucknow and Lucknow also isn't well connected to other cities in India. But nevertheless we all set off.

The weather was boiling hot and road isn't the favourite mode of transport for my little girl. Exhaustion took its toll and it was only when we reached the cool cottages of Arogya Dhama that we smiled and relaxed! This is a wonderful place, an unexpected heaven situated on the banks of the river Mandakini.

A very spiritual experience it was for me on the personal front. Banker is a devout follower of Guruji and I could not help but fall in line! Guruji is an amazing person, person being too small a word. You can find more information about his noble works and insights here. He is probably the most learned person in Sanskrit and also the most most humblest soul i have ever met. He played with my little boy with such eager enthusiasm as a small child..In hind-sight maybe it was his blessings that gave me my second bundle of joy :)

The only downside of this trip- Our Nikon broke!! I really do miss my camera. Bought a new Canon IXUS but it does not come anywhere close to Nikon. Have to still get it repaired.

Photos of our visit will probably come up in my next post, once Banker reaches HK and sends it across.
Till then we have to bear with this...

The Little Miss at the camera shop in Mantri Mall,Bangalore

Part of my yarn stash, purchased from Lucknow. This is for a new project whose humble beginnings you can see below.

The little ones, enjoying a cycle ride in their Ajji's house :)

One of my favourite site in my mom's house is hot strong filter coffee!!

The tools and the power to make this delicious coffee. Only a true south indian knows n misses this beverage.

That's it for now. More to come and loads of snaps hopefully in my next post.

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