Apr 24, 2012

Day out with my girl

Weather in Bangalore seems like a stranger to me. What used to be a rainy pleasant month has turned into a scorching ,blazing and energy sapping one. It becomes difficult to even think of venturing out before evening.The good part of the day is best spent in the comforts of our home, indoors where everyone is happy and the AC is buzzing away. Before in this city AC's were considered an unnecessary item just crowding up the wall. Now it is more of a must-have in all homes.

Commercially also the city has expanded beyond imagination. A new destination in town seems to be the ORION Mall situated in the heart of the city. Overlooking the famed ISKON temple this integrated township is truly international in its standard. The apartments, clubhouse, shopping mall, school, hospital and offices all in the same compound offers a truly excellent living facility. You can find more information about this here.

A peek into the ORION mall here. I was presently surprised to see ZARA and felt as if i was back in Hong Kong. Even the store layouts were similar.

One good thing about this mall is its vast spaces. Or maybe because i visited it during a week day and more than 70% of the stores still need to open shop here, i found it very spacious.

 A view from outside.

 A view of the artificial lake flanked by the apartments and World Trade Centre- the tallest building in the city.

 Trying to get Little Miss to pose. Was not possible without the onlookers.

 The cafeteria is really cool, its has an earthly feel to it.

She found the water inside the glass wall really amazing. Was asking me where the water is disappearing!!
Sitting outside after a good walk on the water-front.

Well it was a day well spent, maybe next time there would be more shops opened. It truly is a great place to live in though..If banker gets a job in this city i know where i want my letters sent to :)

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  1. Hi Rajeswari!
    I came to your blog today via various links that I followed. Enjoy you holiday in Bangalore! We visit HK once, in transit between South Africa and Aus, for 16 hrs :-) I love you crochet work and will be going through you previous posts slowly, to revisit some of the patterns, especially the stripy wavey one - beautiful.


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