Mar 30, 2012

India Calling...

..we are off for our summer vacation!

Leaving for India tonight. I may have accidentally finished my packing..he no wait, i still need to buy a couple of things. Haan, yes i do need to get some covers and some bags. That's more like me, doing things till the last minute :)

All the clothes, with kids you never know when enough is really enough. ?Thankfully its summer so i don't need more layers. You just dress them in tees and shorts and off then can flutter away.

The goodies are packed in bags, the shopping done and the sorting done :)

Empty closets. I am thinking how it will be when we finally leave HK. Its gonna be like packing so many memories. Both the children have spent their infancy and one is spending her toddler-hood here. It may not be my country of origin but family is where my kids are right now. Hong Kong is not so bad after all :) and the best part being you can afford frequent trips to India.

The only clothes in the cupboards now are the winter wears and full sleeves. So good to see the little people in sleeveless and short sleeves.

The below 2 Upsy Daisy T-shirts are my daughter's eternally favorite ones i think. God bless the day i painted them. She has used it so so so much. She used to either wear it or she used to carry it. I could get her to bathe, eat and in general obey me with them. In fact she has even carried it on her flight to India in our previous visit :) Every family member has asked her for it and she says that she will buy a new one from market and give it to them! 

The short sleeve one is "tight Upsy" as the shirt is really tight for her. The other one is "new Upsy". Its new only in comparison with the tight one. One day i need to get these framed!

Well, last few hours before we all set off, i am all super excited! Not sure how much crocheting n crafting i can get done. But want to do a lot of scrap booking as paper is really cheap in India.

Going to try my best to blog and motivate myself.
Before i am off, one more link - a great DIY crochet T-shirt dress idea. Amazing in fact, going to try my hand at it pretty soon.There is one for the mommies as well here.Hope to get this done as its tooo beautiful.

Off i go to catch our flight :)


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