Mar 22, 2012

Summer Shopping - Part 2

Had been to Sham Sui Po yesterday. This place is truly amazing! I mean i can really spend weeks and weeks here. It has everything under the sun at very reasonable prices. You can find my earlier posts here.

I had to buy an external hard disk and a memory card. Golden Arcade is the best place for buying anything related to computer. Its a geeks world out there, there are rows and rows of computer peripheral shops and gaming VCDs shops. Purchased a Seagate External HD 1 TB for HK $870 and a high speed memory card 64 GB for HK $629. Crocheting a case for the HDD now.

 Making in shades of blue with a dash of red.

All the yarn i am going to use for this case are here.

There is something for everyone in Sham Sui Po. Be it computer/sports wear for men, craft/fabrics/accessories/street market for women and toys/clothes for kids. Ventured to the Yu Chan street for the usual round up of beads, ribbons and Ric-racs. Ready for a color feast?

Rainbow ric-racs.

Multicolor Ric-racs.

 Baby lace for scrap booking.

Just like that lace.

Some random flowers and fabric flowers.

As a craft loving mom i never know when i need these things, but hey no harm in storing them right? Sham Shoi Po also stocks wholesale fabrics. I used to wander past these shops never knowing that they sell stuff by the yard. It was close to 7 p.m. by the time i chanced upon one tiny shop selling a yard to a customer. That's when it hit me! They sell fabric too...Oh my god, there are rows n rows of yummy shops here which stock all kinds fabrics to buy from or just to feast your eyes upon. Since i ran out of time, picked up a few random stuff for i don't know what projects! Can you believe that i bought almost 10 yards of colorful fabric to play with for just HK $ 100? A revisit is definitely in the offing!!

Once i am back to HK after my summer hols I will surely be going here again :)
Till then i am going back to aimless crocheting, like the case cover as you know my mailman hasn't yet bought me those Stylecraft yarn which i am eagerly waiting for.


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