Mar 26, 2012

Aimless Crocheting

The last couple of days i have not had any big crochet projects going on. I need my yarn and i have discovered that i also need a big project underway at all times. It helps me get my work done faster. Anyways, till the yarn comes, i have been doing some spring cleaning, last minute shopping and entertaining the little ones. Banker's class-mate n friend from India had come over for a couple of days. So it has been a hectic weekend in which i somehow managed to finish 1 crochet piece. 

This is a cover for my new external hard drive. No particular pattern followed. I just did some random SC, HDC and DC.

Used clusters of 3 spike stitches to finish the border. Spike stitches add another dimension to the work. Done in contrasting colors and at the right intervals makes an excellent and easy border.

Added 2 buttons to complete it. Also a button hole for plugging in the USB cable. So this case need not be opened and it also has a cover.

When there is a crafty stay at home mom all these kinda things happen. Clocks, pen-stands, phones all get make overs :)

Hope everyone out there has had  pleasant weekend. This week i am traveling to India!!! Hurray! Looking forward to it is an understatement. Suddenly realized that i have so much more gifts to buy, so much more things to do! Well, its getting warmer here in HK and i am off to make myself a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning before the little people are up and i am caught up in other activities.Till then...

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