Mar 8, 2012

T-shirt Makeover - Part 2


As a full time mom now, the creative space has become my outlet. It is said that an idle mind is a devil's workshop. Well with me, there is no time at all! There are so many crafts i want to try, to experiment and to put into good use.Having a little princess is every crafty mom's dream come true. You can pour all you art where your heart belongs. And nothing gets better than this :)

So this is the second makeover DIY Project. The first one is here.
I wanted to try ribbon embroidery for this t-shirt. Also had a huge stash of ric-racs and decided to combine both of them for this piece.

The centre flower is actually a sun-flower pattern. I have done it in polka dotted ribbon. Looks like polka dots is in these days, i see them everywhere. On shoes, hats, caps, dresses, frocks, tops, name it and it is there. So here's my version of Polka dotted sunflower

This was a ric rac in shades of pink. Did a simple running stitch through the edges of light pink shade first. Pulled the thread, plugged in a button and sewed it on to the shirt.

Did the same thing but from the darker shade of pink this time for a different effect. Added the white flower and the wooden ones on request of my girl. Hey! Its her shirt, she can pick a few mismatched stuff right?

This sunflower really looks good, tho i feel a good deal of credit does go to the ribbon itself. It was just too beautiful not to be in my ribbon stash! Stitched on a few leaves using this pattern.

Here's the ta-Daah!!

I really should get back to my rug/blanket now. Its looking at me and i am feeling very guilty that i have side-tracked it. But the shirt looks soo pretty now, waiting to see her in it!

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