Mar 28, 2012

Things to Do

The blogging world is truly amazing. Its a window to so many things beautiful and interesting. The craft and the variety is mind boggling. Just a simple search on a granny square gives one endless possibilities and i can see so many bloggers/crafters who have done so much that it is easy for me to pick what i want to do!

Here's a list of few things i am planning to get done by the end of this year. Sorta like my crocheting plan for 2012 :)

1.Granny Stripe Blanket. This is mainly going to be an inspiration from dear Lucy. You can find it here.

2.Cushion Covers - There are oh so many wonderful patters out there. There is a sunburst pattern here. The blues are really lovely in this. Then the flower granny square cover. This is an easy pattern only you need to get your colors right or else it may hurt the eye. The back of the cushion is something which you wouldnt want to spend too much time on. Yet it should look lovely. I am always on the look out for easy patterns but which give a great effect. Playing with colors and accessories enhances the look of a finished object a great deal. This method here is a great way of closing up your cushion cover and making good your old sweater.

3.Crochet Bunting - Need to do a butterfly bunting for the little people. They have been asking for it.

4.Granny Square ideas - Have a look at this pdf.  This has amazing granny square patterns, each one unique and wonderful. I am still waiting for my yarn to start this off..

Hopefully i can get to complete my wish list by year end. 

Now the time to leave HK and go for a holiday is nearing. My shopping and packing is still looming in front of me. Even tho i am a stay at home mom, i never seem to have time to complete my shopping. There is something still missing or something which i need to buy!

A look at the girl's new crocs. She loved the little decorations which give off a light when she jumps. Jumped all her way from the store to home:)

This is a doll for a dear friend of mine in Bangalore. I do hope she likes it. These dolls are a must buy if you ever visit Hong Kong.

And then the clothes, which need to be packed. This is just the beginning. I still have to go to the kids cupboards :(

So i neeeeed to start thinking about packing. Need to need to.
I am going to do that now. Or maybe just a bit more of crochet browsing and then :)

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  1. All the best for all your crochet projects...the doll is very nice...liked it


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