Mar 20, 2012

Wavy Stripe Blanket

I Love to surround myself with all things hand-made. There is something special and comforting about it. I want to make a blanket for a king-size bed. But i pondered, do i have it in me to crochet such a large piece? Decided to make a demo version first. In the beginning of this wavy, i wasn't sure how big/small it would turn out as the blue/green yarn was limited to just 2 balls each. But it did turn out alright!

The intended recipients :)

Every blanket deserves an edging. This one is from dear Lucy. You can find the pattern here.


Total yarn : 10 Balls used, i do not know the weight of each.
Hook size : 5 mm.
Pattern      : 2 color wave stitch from here .
Measures  : 3" x 5"
Time         : Approx 5-6 weeks (Its actually 2-3 weeks, but i have 2 very active and playful kids and 
                   hence the delay).

A totally happy girl = Me!

This always happens to me after a finished item. The restlessness. I keep pacing the house, wondering what next? what next? I always need to have some work in progress. It keeps me relaxed, it keeps me occupied and it keeps my home colorful.

I know what i am doing next. It lovely, its beautiful and its going to enjoy a very special place in our little home. Its dear Lucy's Granny Stripe Blanket. I am waiting for the Stylecraft yarn to arrive.

Till then, shall be doing some bits and pieces. Complete the shopping and get some spring cleaning done!!


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