Mar 12, 2012

Write Click Scrapbook

One of the many joys of being a stay at home mom is you are there to physically see your little one reach all his/her milestone. You wouldn't be missing out on anything or wouldn't need to worry about missing out on anything.

I have always managed to capture my little one's precious moments. Its all clicked and sorted out on my computer. But when i want to have a look at just a few magical frames i never seem to get them! So this idea of making a scrapbook came to me when i was watching a show. This lovely lady here has 8 children and still has enough energy to get crafty and creative! Sometimes i am at my wit's end with just the two~~~..Anyways, coming back to this post, the little man is almost 8 months now, babbles a lot, tries to walk and it seemed like just yesterday he was this tiny teeny person, barely able to open his eyes :) Times does indeed fly...

But i have been a very lazy mom, there is absolutely no excuse for not keeping up his scrapbook to the mark. I need to buck up and write about his 7 months, need to need to need to...

The cover page.
Title : The wonder that is...Niramay -> NEED TO WRITE

 I came to know the sex when i was 19 weeks pregnant. Though initially we wanted to keep it a surprise, finally ended up telling our close ones that we were expecting a boy. A lovely boy:)

Still need to do the birth story page

The birth details page is done, but i NEED TO WRITE!

I never thought that ric-racs would look so lovely on a scrapbook!

Ahh well...I have still smiles to go before i am any way near to this book completion. Guess like parenting this is always gonna be a WIP. Wish me luck!

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